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Little Billy is huge (think The Mountain). He is not human, currently falls under the "other" category. He is also 7'4, and 325 pounds of muscle, and looks to be in his 30's or 40's.


Billy may come off as slow at first, but he is very deliberate. He has a quick wit and is very protective of those he has deemed friends. His intelligence and empathy shines at work at Boire, as his easy listening encourages others to talk, maybe more than they'd like. Occasionally he allows his temper to surface, and bones end up broken....or worse.

Mortal WorldEdit

Billy has told several he is from Norway, ish. Also has mentioned being the youngest of three brothers, and the smallest.

Information Known by SupNat SocietyEdit


  • Summer 2017 - Hired on at Boire. Residence is unknown, assumed to be nearby.

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  • Seen entering and leaving the offices of one Mr. Hunter in late July
  • Hates Dolly Parton music, especially the song 'Jolene'.
  • Sentient potatoe

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