Theo Farron

Theo Farron (born 15 November, 1991 in Melbourne) is an incorrigible hipster - more into good coffee, vegan food, biting sarcasm and obscure media that you don't know than physical conflict. Typically dressed in a loose-fitting beanie, horn-rimmed glasses, hipster-chic attire and luxury body-wash scent, he gives the impression of being smaller and slighter than his 5'11" and 200lb physique.

He's equal parts Bone Shadow and Cahalith - a collector of stories and secrets. He leads Memory, a pack that follows the path of the Lodge of the Chronicle made up of himself, the Bone Shadow uralath Ghost-Foe and their totem Liar-Bird: a lyrebird trickster spirit.

He currently resides on the NSW north coast, although he is known to have a twin sister (Riley - a Bone Shadow Elodoth who underwent First Change a week after he did) in Melbourne who he can't stand. She thinks he's a lazy self-centred arse, and he thinks she's a corporate sell-out.

His urhan form resembles a red-furred dingo.

Renown Deeds and Physical MarksEdit

  • The Cunning brand on his left sole (and bite scar on his left calf): Tricking a pack of Predator King uralath over a cliff; luring prey into a trap
  • The Glory brand on his tongue: First Change as a Cahalith; the glory of being a storyteller
  • The Honor brand over his heart: Calling on the Lunes' judgement when uncertain of Oaths broken; submitting himself to judgement
  • The Honor brand on his throat: Protecting the stories of friends and enemies equally
  • The Purity brand on his left eyelid: Establishing peaceful relations with enemy Uratha
  • The Purity brand on his right eyelid: Taking a personal sacrifice to sever ties with breakers of the Oath of the Moon
  • The Wisdom brand on his right palm: Joined the Bone Shadows; commitment to the wisdom of the Tribe
  • The Wisdom brand between his shoulder blades (with raking claw mark scars on either side as if from some large bird): Joined the Lodge of the Chronicle; commitment to keep wisdom alive for others
  • The Wisdom brand on his left palm: Saved the lore and history of Forster-Tuncurry; protecting wisdom against loss
  • The Wisdom Brand on the side of his throat: Developing a Tribe secret


  • Late 1991: Born
  • Early 2009 - Age 17: Underwent First Change, swore to the Bone Shadows
  • Late 2009 - Age 18: Joined the Lodge of the Chronicle
  • Mid 2011 - Age 19: Moved to Forster, possibly to get away from his family in Melbourne
  • 2012: Theo disappears a few days before the Week of Broken Howls and returns a few days after
  • Early 2013 - Age 21: Started doing a part time BA at the University of New England online
  • Late 2018 - Age 27: Finished his degree


  • Is... is he actually vegan?
  • His twin is a lawyer in Melbourne