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The Ames domain covers all of central Iowa, with regular players visiting from surrounding states.

Our domain is part of the Free Company of Gamers, a local club which takes part in both Shadowplay International and Mind's Eye Society games.

Domain Staff[edit]

For all 'Out of Character' or real world enquiries contact our Domain Coordinator. All game related enquiries should be directed to the Domain Storyteller, who will either assist you directly or put you in touch with the appropriate Venue Storyteller.

Domain Coordinator (DC): Sky Rippke
Domain Storyteller (DST): Brandon Windus

The Chronicles of Darkness[edit]

Ames Cross Genre CofD Requiem-Forsaken Cross-Genre
VST: Doug Westvold
VC: see DC
1st Saturday evening
Ames Descent CofD The Red Gambit
VST: Morgan Rippke
VC: see DC
1st Friday evening
Ames Awakening CofD The Red Perdition
VST: James Manning
VC: see DC
3rd Saturday evening
Ames Forsaken CofD The Red Steppe
VST: see above
VC: see DC
merged into cross genre
Ames Requiem CofD The Red Rush
VST: see above
VC: see DC
merged into cross genre

Do you remember your parents telling you there is nothing under your bed? They were wrong. Did you ever worry you were being followed but you convinced yourself it was all in your mind? You were wrong. Things DO go bump in the night...

The Chronicles of Darkness exist in a world of Gothic Horror where lying and stealing will be the least of your worries by the end of the night. It explores vice and virtue in a cruel world. It tests the unknown and supernatural. It delves into madness and mayhem. All while keeping up the pretense that everything is normal and serene.

Information for New Players[edit]

Where do we Play[edit]

Our venue is current in flux; the likely new venue is the Boone Community Theater, 106 S Webster St, Boone, IA. Please check back here for more news as we get closer to the March games.

When do we Play[edit]

First Friday of the month:
7:00 p.m.: Demon the Descent

First Saturday of the month:
6:00 p.m.: Requiem-Forsaken 2nd Edition Cross-Genre

Third Saturday of the month:
7:00 p.m.: Mage: the Awakening 2nd Edition

Rules of the Club[edit]


  • LARP is not a “shoot-em-up”. You don't get notches in your belt for killing other PCs. You don't win by making the game miserable for everyone else. This is a storytelling game, and you win by telling a good story with others. If you do insist on making the game miserable for everyone else, the presiding storyteller has every right to tell you, in plain and simple terms, “No. Not here, not today.”
  • In all situations during a game session where there is a query relating to the rules and the interpretation and application thereof, the presiding ST's decision is considered to be correct. If a player disagrees with such a decision, they should wait until the game session has finished to raise their concerns to the ST. Alternatively they may lodge an appeal with the ST chain.
  • Our chronicle, set in the Chronicles of Darkness, utilises extremely disturbing themes. While characters can and do commit awful acts, this is never an excuse to traumatise a player. It is the responsibility of all storytellers and players to ask if the players of PCs targeted for inclusion in traumatic acts (e.g., sexual violence, human sacrifice, etc.) are comfortable participating, and to offer options such as “fade to black” or alternate scene otherwise. That said, ours is a setting which deals with adult topics including, but not limited to, death, abduction, abuse and insanity. Players should notify the presiding ST if they become uncomfortable with any of the themes present in the game at any point.
  • If you know that something is not the intent of the organisation’s interpretation of the books, departs drastically from common sense, or is otherwise wrong but appears to be technically possible due to vague wording or legal loophole, don’t do it. Don’t be that guy (or gal).
  • Horrible Things™: The following comprises our policy for in-game inclusion of real-word natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other tragedies and atrocities:
    • Horrible Things™ shall not be included in Storyteller-created plot, nor shall direct character involvement at the time of the event be approved.
    • The inclusion of Horrible Things™ in continuity shall be handled on a case-by-case basis, with the Storyteller presiding over the area of effect -- be that a domain, country, or global -- making the determination.
    • Players are expected to be respectful with regard to Horrible Things™; while their characters may in fact be horrible beings, the players are expected to show due discretion to avoid deliberately antagonizing the issue via character actions and comments.


We love new players. Come along and we will do our best to make sure you have a fun night. Whether you're new the Club, new to roleplaying, new to Live Action Role Playing (LARP), or an old member that has decided to come back and take a look at what's new and what's stayed the same, we are trilled to have you along!

The Club has some jargon that can be daunting to new people, so here's a quick run down of some of the things you might come across:

Jargon English
Addenda Contains custom rules for the LARP. Players should check the Global Addenda and Settings Documents for the latest version.
IC In Character
OOC Out of Character
MST Master Storyteller. Global Storyteller at the top of our Storytelling chain
NST National Storyteller. The manage all the games across genre lines across the country
GST Genre Storyteller. They manage all the games of a given genre across the country
DST Domain Storyteller. The person that brings all the VSTs of all the genres run in Ames to ensure that there is continuity between each of the games.
VST Venue Storyteller. The person that runs the game!
AVST The VST's Assistant

Character Creation Guidelines[edit]

Here you will find various fun things to help you design a PC for play in the sanctioned chronicle. We encourage well thought out concepts which create story and are inclusive and active in nature. The ST's and other players would love to hear about your ideas and you never know how your idea may take on a life of its own and suddenly plot is born! Why write a solitary character when you could have an entire family?

Concepts which are disruptive are not necessarily discouraged, although please DON'T write in your background that you are a Diablerist/Pure Spy/Servant of the Abyss unless you don't mind getting caught and whacked by PC's.

Global Addenda and Settings Documents These documents spell out the particular rules we play by in our sanctioned chronicle. They include slight modifications to the source books, as well as special approvals for certain concepts and items.

Character Development Document This document has a list of short answer questions that are designed to help you refine you concept and bring to life your new persona. You don't have to use it all, but there are some damn fine ideas and questions in it. The more work you put in the more you get out!

Due to the work involved with completing this document, you will get extra XP awarded to the character you complete it for.

This is not to say you must be a master wordsmith, rather attention to detail and consideration of a fully rounded persona.

Background Links[edit]

If you would like your character to have visited a location featured in Ames or be a part of its history this is welcomed and even encouraged. Please contact the VST with your ideas and suggestions and we'll work to make your character part of our history. There are many roles and "events" which would be far more entertaining if they were populated by player characters. If you wish to have a background link with one of the characters listed here, don't hesitate to contact the player and/or the VST. The aim here is to bring the city to life and create fun inter-character links world wide. There are a couple of caveats.

1. What do you want/need and why ?
2. How will this come into game and create fun?

There's not much point to it, if it's hidden. What's the point of painting a picture then hiding it. The aim is to create fun plot and character driven interactions for our chronicle either now or in the future.

The VST, DST and players welcome you to approach us and offer suggestions to improve and enrich the chronicle for all of us.

Connect With Us[edit]