Anya Brooks

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Anya Brooks
Concept: Romantic artist
Clan: Mekhet •••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
City: St. Louis •••
Title: Minister of Justice
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: Lineage/House/Coterie
Embraced: May 13, 2016
Player: Lindsey Smith
Storyteller: St. Louis VST
Anya night.png

Personal Information[edit]


Of average height and slightly above average weight with creamy-tan skin. Her eyes flash light jade and though narrow in shape, are often held open wide as she's watching. Watching. She's clearly of mixed decent and her accent has the tiniest trace of Pacific Islander tones.

Her clothing choices tend to be simple, though varied. It's her make-up and hair that makes a statement--when people remember her.


Anya is quiet and tends to observe more than discuss. She can be quite passionate when she gets on a topic that interests her, but her interests seem rather narrow. Her attention is often divided; she won't always look at you when she's talking or listening to you, but it does not mean that she's not paying attention. She's more likely to stare at you when your attention is elsewhere.

There is certainly an air of naivete and hopeless optimism around her.

Mortal World[edit]

Anya was a quiet homebody for much of her freshman year at Wash U., so she did not have many close mortal connections to have to deal with when she had to quit taking day classes. Some may recognize her from her small indie gallery show in the fall of 2016, but to most, she's just that sweet girl who seems a little lost sometimes. She sells kitchy art things on Etsy and is trying to continue her education by taking basic online classes where she does way more than the required two comments on other people's threads each week.

Recently, she's opened a paint and sip downtown.

Information Known by Kindred Society[edit]


  • 1990 - Anya spent the 90s growing up. She went to a good school in Hawai'i and earned average grades. From a young age, she became especially engrossed in art of all types, both viewing and creating.
  • 2000 - Middle school and high school. Surfing. Serving tourists and cleaning their rooms at her father's hotel. Walking along the beach at sunset. Oh, how she loved sunset.
  • 2010 - The last two years of high school and college. More of the same, except she was able to take AP Art and then study art in college. She graduated from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa with a bachelors in fine arts and then was accepted into graduate school at Washington University. She was embraced at the end of her freshman year of grad school.

Recent History[edit]

2017 - The start of what should have been her sophomore year of grad school was rough and the turning of the year did little to ease the absence of continuing classes. She's been taking an online class so that she can work on the assignments at night, but she knows it won't last. Plus, she can't teach during the day and her t.a. stipend covers her rent...

So she opened a paint and sip.


  • JUN - Became interested in the mayoral race and went to Hotel St. Jude to meet the mayor. There, she also met other interesting faces and took a room at the hotel after getting the feeling that a safer haven than her safe haven was needed in the near future. Unfortunately, the move was short-lived, and she left after only a night and returned to her basement apartment. On the positive side, she quickly started earning commissions with AnimaTech, Boire, and Fire Reigns. Her work is now covering the inside and outside walls of Boire and found in the betas of AnimaTech's latest mobile app. LATE JUN - After an unfortunate encounter with her landlord and his wife, she left her basement apartment for permanent residence at Hotel St. Jude. She spent much of her time thereafter working on a commission for Sarah at Fire Reigns.
  • JUL - Attended Caligula's gala and left early with a group after being warned that it was a good idea. Mainly meandered about listening to gossip about what was going on at the Arch grounds and with the weres after that. Went with Trask to deal with Commodus of the Purple--was disappointed. Went with Lee to deal with a werewolf challenge--was disappointed. Was selected as Priscus for her clan--is wondering how the heck that happened. MID-JUL Anya helped Shaper clean up after Chris one night and later met the newcomer and got to know him a bit more. After a dull night at Boire and then a series of questionable decisions, she begins an equally questionable relationship with the werewolf Lucian.
  • AUG - Anya took care of drugged up Shaper while others dealt with the fog surrounding the Hotel at the monthly gathering. Throughout the month, she struggled with establishing herself separate from Lucian and found some new opportunities with Lee.
  • SEP - Anya found the evening of the Night Congress meeting rather boring despite everyone gathered at the Hotel. Noticing Lucian was oddly absent from the floor, she sought him out and found him with Wolf, Harvey, and Carlos in the security room. He was crying. Again. Wolf headed out to speak with Mystie and later pulled Anya aside to tell her that the problem plaguing Lucian just needed to run its course. Anya decided to spend most of the upcoming month working on her business, a paint and sip establishment near a the church on Kienlen Avenue.
  • OCT - While the shakeup in the vampire court raised her city status and bestowed upon her the title of Harpy, this month's meeting at the warehouse Bowman prepared was devastating for Anya. She lost Caligula, and while granted that their relationship was rocky at first, Anya had grown to understand that he was trying his best in his own way to protect her and the people of the Night Congress from forces beyond all of their powers. Combined. While sequestered in the time/space bubble Bowman created, she fought hard to give Caligula every chance she could muster for him to survive. She failed and felt the moment when Caligula ceased to be. Then, once they were free of the murder spirit and warehouse, she got a call from her fiance, Lucian, who informed her that the Petrovs would accept them into their pack if he married into the pack. She did not react well to the news and after trashing their house on Allen and retrieving her five German shepherds, spent the night listening to Angry Girl Music and mourning in front of Caligula's hotel door.
  • NOV - Got herself a ghoul. Managed to not hurt anyone of the Night Congress, including herself, when someone pushed her over the edge with a thoughtless act. Was freaked out by the ghosts and heard their weird chanting as Delia and the weres took care of them. Adjusted the statuses of Carlos and Hans.
  • DEC - Anya is conspicuously absent from the December gatherings of the Night Congress. Is it because of her crumbling romantic life? Is she still mourning her dead Prince? Or simply consumed with the artist's fervor and locked away in her studio?


Known Sire[edit]

Anya does not know the name of her sire, only that she was transient and loved Anya's work.

Known Siblings[edit]

  • Erik Brooks - mortal, older brother
  • Abe Brooks - mortal, younger brother

Known Childer[edit]

  • None

Known Grand-childer[edit]

  • None


Quotes By[edit]

"Quote" - reference

Quotes About[edit]

"Quote" - reference


Shaper explains to Anya and Amy about how vampires look in the spirit world

Amy: "We are fuzzy, Anya, did you hear that?"
Shaper: "Fuzzy, faded, sort of a mix of grey monochromes. Like a Rembrandt that someone spilled turpentine on."
Anya looks sad that she's a fuzzy ruined Rembrandt.


  • Participates in underground art
  • May be a furry.


  • Owes Carlos a minor boon July 2017
  • Owes Carlos a minor boon Oct 2017

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • Anya, Buffy the Vampire Slayer *But not really; similarities to themes and obliviousness appeared long after I created her.
  • "Down Easy" by Noe Venable
  • "Ode to Oren Ishi'i - Instrumental" from the Kill Bill Vol 1 Soundtrack
  • "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence as chosen by Lee/Jecka
  • YouTube full playlist
  • Any cat I have ever owned.

OOC Information[edit]

I am so new. Bloggy for Anya at

And I know she probably should've been Daeva. I chose Mekhet. Sue me. :P

Member Information
Player: Lindsey Smith
Number: GWB2017072501
Domain: St. Louis