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Being X (allegedly born prior to January 1, Year 1 CC) is the pseudonym of an entity that claims to be the ultimate creator of the universe. He keeps mostly to himself and thus can be difficult to track, but has recently been sighted attempting to befriend a werewolf community in the form of the whitest accountant ever.

Being X is known to enjoy beautiful design and technological artistry – so much so that he has espoused that not using the best products, materials or tools is evidence of a moral failure of some kind. He is also known to take occasional sarcastic pleasure from logically disassembling others' points of view.


  • 2018, Late Sept - Being X leaves Sydney via the Shadow/Hisil
  • 2018, Late Dec - After months of walking, arrives in Forster-Tuncurry and translates across to the material plane


  • Isn't actually God
    • Might be a crazy wizard?
    • Or a very strange mortal?
  • Will absolutely do your tax returns for you


"That's a very inside-this-universe question."

— Being X on which "pantheon" he belongs to

"In the beginning there was the region of existence that cannot be put into words in any language that exists in this universe. It was alright, but a bit of a chore."

— Genesis according to Being X

"Make the best things from the best stuff. That's just ethics."

— Moral philosophy, a deep dive by Being X

"Hey, Mr G Man, you don't seem to mind that none of us believe you."
"Well obviously. I created you. You don't need to believe in me, and I don't particularly have to believe in you all either."

— The mysteries of faith

"I never said I was omnipotent or omniscient. In fact, if you'd bothered to ask I'm not omniscient by choice... it makes life more interesting."
"Because it would be boring knowing everything."
"Exactly. More fun just to read someone's texts."

— An unexamined answer to the Problem of Evil