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Rave with two current locations, Ames and Saint Louis. Owned and ran by Lee. House motto, "We Practice Pitchcraft." Business manager for both locations is currently an unfilled position. Is a elysium.

Rave Rules[edit]

  • Mixed rave, mortals and not, supnats and vanillas. Don't be stupid.
  • Don't snack on the patrons while they are patrons.
  • If staff asks you to do something or leave, you do it or leave. Bartenders are on site managers. The two owners have the final say.
  • Sites are considered elysium, across multiple supnat groups, all are asked to assist in keeping the peace, and keeping the locations safe for all to enjoy.
  • Patrons are responsible for damages, damaging anything may risk temp/perm site bans.

Saint Louis[edit]

The Saint Louis location is at 517 Withers Avenue, in an old rundown industrial section near both tracks and close to the river. The club most nights has a line of those waiting to get inside that can wrap around the block. Inside on the main floor one finds a wrap around bar. There are no windows in the location to the outside. There are no cameras inside.

  • First floor: The main room has a wooden floor for dancing, and lots and lots of movable lights (spotlights, colored lights, disco balls, etc) on the ceiling (with semi-visible wiring). The walls are covered in anime punk paintings, with everything else left very industrial. There are various tables scattered about with a middle pole up to the ceiling for dancers, and there is a stage dead center in the room. There is little hanging on the walls with the exception of five keys embedded in the wood behind the bar towards the center. The bar top is treated redwood, and cared for religiously. Doors to the restrooms, and kitchen are off to one side, under the stairs to the second floor. The bar is a full bar and serves all kinds, as best possible, although since the crowd is *OFTEN* mixed human and supernatural, discretion in ordering is expected. Off the kitchen is a door to the alley, a hallway to Lee's office's, the staff's break room and private bathroom, and the dancer's changing room with private bath and a shower are all located, along with storage and current roof access through a small unused room. The back alley gets used for staff parking, and has the things one might find in a city alley, and a rather large and funny smelling compost pile.
  • Second Floor: The upstairs rooms are adjacent to the big open main room, either open to the big first floor room, or with one/two sided glass for more privacy. Some are filled with formal or lounging furniture. One larger room has dining type seating. There is a rumored black door with a gold handle, somewhere upstairs. The DJ booth is in one of those rooms, right above the middle of the bar. All rooms with glass are soundproofed.

Note: Boire is neutral ground, as declared by the St. Louis Night Congress at large, and individually by most of the Voices. Is also apparently a Pokestop.


  • Owner and Manager - Velika "Lee" Pogreka
  • Assistant Manager/bartender - Little Billy
  • Assistant Bartenders- Miri and Lexi (twins and have their licenses, so can be used to serve in a pinch)
  • Day Assistants- Sergey, Tamara, and Natasha, night staff that went to days in September to open Boire, sign for packages, clean, restock etc.
  • Bouncers: Boris, the Bouncer -- Might be a bear, might just be a wolf. The primary bouncer, so he's probably outside the warehouse at night. Who knows what he does during the day, really. Clan Petrov, big men and women, all look rather similar, rumor has it that they are all related and used to work for Ringling Brothers, and are all werebears.
  • Waitstaff- Kristi, Misti, Shandi, Bambi, Mandi, Rubi, Anni, Jaci, Dani, Miri, Lexi, Bob, Dick, etc, all NPCs of some form of supernatural race.
  • Kitchen Staff- Sparkles, Odball, Wingo, and Speckles.
  • Exotic Dancers- Contracted out with The Suzans, a very private dancing service known in the circles as providing talented "dancers", and in the supernat community as hiring those with nonhuman ties. All dancers answer to some version of the name Susan. Lee contracted for specific numbers of dancers at specific times.
  • DJ WhiZzard -- Stoner Wolfblooded DJ. Often spins at Boire.
  • Guest bands: various.


  • Doors can be tricky...

Quotes and conversations[edit]

Amy and Shaper, touring the upstairs rooms

Amy: "Be warned though, if you see a black door with a golden handle, be careful".
Shaper: "Oh, I'll make sure I watch out for that. What is it, the VIP room?".
Amy: deadpan "Yes".


The Ames location in an industrial section of old Des Moines, has a full bar, and a tiny minimal kitchen (Ie fridge, sink, etc). Rave is open 7 nights a week, and staffed by a mix of various supernaturals, which include were's, mages, and those who fall in other categories, including many who are currently unrecognized or unknown. Owned by Lee, it allows for both mortal, immortal, and the in-between patrons to party, dance, and exist in relative peace. Rumor has it it has ties to old organized crime (Bratva), and entities most area's do not acknowledge. What is known, is that the lines are long, and it is considered one of the premier party locations among the "In Crowd". Lee started there as a bouncer, and worked her way up to owner, expanding the original club, while keeping on most of the original staffing and management. She is known to appear now and then, to help out for a few hours, but on no apparent schedule. Rave is in an old industrial district, and area is not entirely safe so she has bouncers at the door, and a few patrol the immediate street. Inside, the dance floor is old and scuffed. There is a bar at the far wall, a corner for a D.J., and a old coin style juke box. There is only a tiny kitchen, so they do serve precooked snacks, along with a full bar (that serves sups as well.). The room has one outside entrance, and one exit, which takes you to a hallway, where there are bathrooms, a small kitchen, staff rooms, and a stairs up to offices and storage. Her manager's office is up there. He was the previous owner, who she bought out over time, but stayed on in a half retirement sort of thing. Lee is in the middle of expanding and matching the setup in her Saint Louis location, as she has the rest of the block to expand in to. Construction has apparently started in the other parts of the block, so as not to interfere with operations.


  • Owners Velika "Lee" Pogreka and Amri
  • Manager: Daughter of the former owner, Sioban Crossrind runs and operates Boire with an iron fist, with the owner often out of town. She was raised in the business, but never wanted to own it. When her father finally retired and sold it out to Lee, she stepped in, to be sure things continued on to her father and her family's standards.
  • Assistant Manager: Paul LaRue- cross trained and can work in any role in the rave, Paul steps in to help with day to day operations, and covers for when Sioban is off.
  • Bouncers: Sam, Sinder, Saul, Sarah, and Sasha. Yes, another clan of sorts!
  • Waitstaff/Kitchen Staff- random staffers
  • Bartenders- A really old dude named Kurent works the bar almost every night, and is covered for or assisted by the assistant bartender, Marowit.
  • Exotic Dancers- Contracted out with The Vucari to cover dancing needs. At the moment, live dancers are only available Thursdays through Sunday nights. This is also planned to change after renovations.
  • DJ's- Ananda L'ama, goes by 'Nasty Nanda' as her working name. On night she is off, is covered by either a guest, or a CD mix.
  • Guest bands. Live music is part of the planned upgrade


Quotes and conversations[edit]