Cadfael ap Tudor ap Myrddin

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Cadfael ap Tudor ap Myrddin (born 1851) is a Welsh Autumn Courtier located in San Marcos, Texas. Among the oldest Changelings in San Marcos, he currently serves the Autumn Court as its Legate of Mists. While he was involved in the Mage-Changeling War of the 1970s, he left San Marcos in its aftermath, returning only recently. Most days he can be found teaching at Texas State when he isn't conducting research at the Autumn Tower.

Quotes, conversations, and rumors[edit]

Quotes By[edit]

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Quotes About[edit]

  • "One of my dearest friends and confidants." - Oberon.
  • "A rather interesting fellow." - Aladdin
  • "quote." - who said it.


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Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • Song #1