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The Daeva are a Kindred clan known for being emotional, sensual, and desirable. Predatory hedonists and sensualists, the Daeva are emotionally dying, hollow inside. They are slaves to their chosen vices. Daeva are masters of Majesty, the Discipline of seduction and persuasion. Daeva are often called Serpents.

Daeva are very diverse as a clan - the only common thread is their consuming passions. Fierce brawlers and social butterflies are found there, as well as everything in between.

Although Daeva are often dismissed as effete, they possess the Disciplines of Vigor and Celerity, thus making them extremely capable in a fight. This, combined with their mercurial tempers and excitable natures make them Kindred with which to tread lightly.

Daeva Bloodlines[edit]

  • Domus: The Domus, from both Daeva and Nosferatu stock, hold that one's word truly is their bond in pursuit of a more civilised Night Society (SPI Wiki)
  • Erzébet: A Daeva bloodline, the Erzsébet feel the weight of age and frailty upon them. This lead them to an important realization: Enjoy youth and vigor while they last, because soon they will give way to sleep under the sun. (Daeva p104)
  • Eupraxus: The Eupraxus are a rare Daeva bloodline strongly associated with the Invictus. The Eupraxus believe themselves to be the natural leaders of Kindred society. Members of the bloodline are unable to heal wounds caused by their bite, and each of them sports a never-healing wound from their Embrace. (Immortal Sinners p54)
  • Kinnaree: A Daeva bloodline, the Kinnaree believe themselves to be Asura, or demons of Hindu tradition, and throw themselves headlong into that role. (Ancient Bloodlines p117)
  • Malintzin: The Malintzin are a Mexican Daeva bloodline styled after La Malinche, the indigenous lover of Hernán Cortés. They are allied with the Invictus and seen by other native vampires as traitors who sold out to save their own hides. (Shadows of Mexico p101)
  • Naditu: A rare Daeva bloodline with roots in the ancient world. Though often considered sycophants and adorers of the beautiful, the wise understand that their adoration comes at a steep price, and with tremendous expectations. (SPI Wiki)
  • Nelapsi: Gluttonous and horrifying hunger defines the Daeva bloodline called the Locusts, and makes them a nightmare and threat to even elder Kindred. (Bloodlines the Hidden p88)
  • Nuncio: The Nuncio, taking the Daeva predilections to the limit, prey upon more than blood; they prey on closed-mindedness, prudishness, and social conservatism. They create wanton desire. (SPI Wiki)
  • The Sirens: The Sirens are a Daeva bloodline rare and Ancient, potentially responsible for the Mermaid Myth. (SPI Wiki)
  • Toreador: The Toreador are a Daeva bloodline; while they enjoy phenomenal mental control of others, they themselves are hopelessly fascinated by art. (Requiem 1e p246)

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