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The Gangrel are one of the five clans of Kindred known for being primal, hardy and savage. They embody the myths of vampires turning into animals or otherwise changing forms. This clan is more closely connected to their Beast than other clans. Many Kindred believe that the Gangrel clan is an old one, but due to the Gangrel's bestial nature, few records exist that can connect their origins to any specific time period. While the murky pre-history of the Kindred contains any number of legends about bestial vampires, not all of these things coincide with the hallmarks of the Gangrel.

The Gangrel are masters of the shapeshifting Discipline of Protean, which gives rise to the rural old wives' legends of bestial vampires turning into bats, wolves and mist. The Gangrel are sometimes called Savages.

Gangrel Bloodlines[edit]

  • Barjot: An extraordinarily familial Gangrel bloodline, none of the Jelinenes can stand to be removed from the company of his brood. (Carthians p156)
  • Brujah: The Brujah are a Gangrel bloodline suffering from the same weakness as every other Gangrel, going as far as drinking too much blood when some is at hand, rather than hunt with precaution every night. (Requiem 1e p235)
  • Carnon: A Gangrel bloodline born from neo-paganism and similar alternative lifestyles, the Carnon revel in an Requiem of excess and the hunt. (Circle of the Crone p168)
  • Childer of the Morrigan: The Childer of the Morrigan are a Gangrel bloodline closely associated with the Circle of the Crone; they are bested by permanent, incurable depression. (Circle of the Crone p172)
  • Eupusae: The Empusae are a Gangrel bloodline that is centered around its founder, the Gangrel Prytania Hecate, who lets herself be revered as a goddess. So far, all members of the bloodline are female and part of the cult that revers Hecate. (Immortal Sinners p127)
  • Hounds of Actaeon: A Gangrel bloodline, the Hounds of Actaeon hunt humans the way a human hunter might hunt deer, and attempt to make use of the enitre corpse. It is for them a sacred act. (Gangrel p111)
  • Kerberos: The Kerberos have mastered the Beast’s interactions with others, and use them to terrifying ends in social situations. (Onyx Path Publishing)
  • Les Gens Libres: Les Gens Libres ("The Free People") are a Haitian bloodline of Gangrel originating from the time of the Haitian Revolution. Originally made up of former slaves, the Gens Libres now welcome anyone fleeing any form of oppression, and believe their vampiric powers are a tool to turn the tables on their former oppressors. (Ancient Bloodlines p69)
  • Mabry: The Mabry are a Gangrel bloodline who don't actively hunt; instead, they set up elaborate traps for travelers in isolated areas. (Gangrel p110)
  • The Mara: The Mara are an aquatic Gangrel bloodline; they revere an entity they refer to as the Sunken Mother and usually stay away from the Danse Macabre on dry land. (Circle of the Crone p180)
  • Moroi: The Moroi bloodline, both Gangrel and Nosferatu, is bound to the service of the Ordo Dracul. Assassins and enforcers, the Moroi are possessed of a lust for hunting and killing, giving rise to their nickname. (Ordo Dracul p159)
  • Oberlochs: The Oberlochs are a rural Gangrel bloodline which remain on the fringes of American cities, often ignorant even of the existence of other Kindred. They are cursed to never stop aging. (Bloodlines the Hidden p96)
  • Shepherds: The Shepherds are a Gangrel bloodline that arose out of the failure of the Montrose Party. To them, too many Kindred put the whole community in danger by recklessly over-feeding on kine, and risk "spooking the herd." By policing such excesses, often quite forcefully, the Shepherds ensure that the kine remain at ease and responsible feeding remains easy. (Ancient Bloodlines p36)
  • Taifa: The Taifa are a Gangrel bloodline that reverse many stereotypes about the Savages, as they are great supporters of mortal civilization and company. (Bloodlines the Chosen p75)

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