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Mekhet are a clan in Vampire: the Requiem with an affinity to darkness, and are accordingly often called Shadows. The hallmarks of the clan are stealth, finesse and wisdom.

There is often a certain amount of finesse and refinement in whatever Mekhet do. Mekhet can appear as stealthy information-gatherers, spies, assassins or scholars; but just as well they can be aristocrats making their mark in the societies of the damned. A Mekhet bodyguard for example is unlikely to rely on brute force, but rather know an ornate fighting style. A Mekhet thief is gracious or invisible, not a sloppy vandal. To the others, Mekhet appear to be the most ordinary of the kindred, the ones who seem to have the least to distinguish them from other vampires. They watch and hide, and the other clans don't seem to take much notice of them. Because Mekhet alone from the major clans have no powers of control over animals or people, they prefer to work in secret behind the scenes, via conspiracies and shadow cults.

A variant, known as Hollow Mekhet or simply the Hollow, were once common, even ubiquitous; in these later nights, however, they have become quite rare. Hollow are separated from their Ka, which embodies their reflection and shadow, by means known in full barely even to the Hollow themselves, and carry a different version of the clan bane reflecting this split state of being.

Mekhet Bloodlines[edit]

  • Agonistes: The Agonistes are a bloodline of the Mekhet. They are a mysterious group who seek to preserve knowledge lost by Kindred to the Fog of Eternity, the loss of memory that comes with long periods of torpor. (Bloodlines the Chosen p16)
  • Angustri: The Angustri are both a Mekhet ghoul family and a minor bloodline, headed by Andrei Angustri, who was an Angustri ghoul that received the Embrace. (Ghouls p95)
  • Bak-Ra: The Bak-Ra, a Mekhet bloodline, are devoted (some would say fanatical) sun-worshippers; they have difficulty leaving the sunlit world behind and joining the dark Requiem every night. (Ancient Bloodlines p167)
  • Iltani: The Iltani are an ancient Mekhet bloodline, purported to originate in Babylonia. Through Mérges sorcery, they are able to refine their negative emotions into potent poisons. (Ancient Bloodlines p145)
  • Khaibit: The Khaibit are a Mekhet bloodline that originated in ancient cults worshiping the Egyptian god Set; they control and manipulate darkness and shadow. (SPI Wiki)
  • Morbus: The Morbus are a Mekhet bloodline with its roots in the early years of Christianity in Rome; they prey upon the sick and infirm. (Dark Eras Companion)
  • Players: The Players are comprised of Mekhet who seek to be like the vampires of popular media. They love attention, and this is reflected by their use of the Majesty Discipline. They are one of the newest bloodlines, as well as one of the most mocked and scorned. (Bloodlines the Legendary p116)

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