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A clan of vampires renowned for stealth, brute strength, their unnerving social manner and their hideous physical disfigurements. Stealthy, strong and terrifying. Nosferatu are masters of Nightmare, the Kindred Discipline of fear and terror. They are sometimes called Haunts.

The Embrace of the Nosferatu is rarely a pleasant thing. Most Nosferatu received the curse out of revenge, spite, or reminded the haunt of someone who wronged him. The Nosferatu Beast is the rebellion of the flesh and mind in jerking stop-motion, a hissing horror show that drives them. The Nosferatu Kiss is pure, unadultered fear, that shuts down the mind and floods it with adrenalin. The Nosferatu experiences the foreign vitae burrowing into his body like worms gnawing on his dead flesh.

Nosferatu suffer the Lonely Curse, a Bane that sets them off normal persons. The "deformity" can be something like a grotesque visage, execreting fluids, a horrific stench, an animate shadow that moves when the Nosferatu is still; her mouth never moving when she speaks, maggots manifesting on her body, lights flickering low in her presence and similar abnormities.

Nosferatu Bloodlines[edit]

  • Calacas: Originating from the Nosferatu of Mexico City, the Calacas’ frequent close proximity to ghosts and haunted Dragon’s Nests means that ghostly phenomena are drawn to these vampires like iron filings to a magnet. (Shadows of Mexico p99)
  • Caporetti: The Caporetti are a Nosferatu bloodline linked to the Battle of Caporetto in 1917, in the Italian Alps. They are surrounded by an aura of intense cold; the air temperature actually drops as much as ten degrees Celsius when a Caporetto is nearby. (Ancient Bloodlines p18)
  • Cimitière: A small Nosferatu bloodline originating with Baron Cimitière, innately tied to their faith (vodoun for most). (New Orleans p59)
  • Cockscomb Society: The Cockscomb Society is an aristocratic Nosferatu bloodline that imitates the Hellfire clubs of the late 19th century; they defy the usual Nosferatu stereotypes: they're sociable, they dress stylishly, etc, but at the cost of crippling ennui. (Nosferatu p106)
  • Domus: The Domus, from both Daeva and Nosferatu stock, hold that one's word truly is their bond in pursuit of a more civilised Night Society (SPI Wiki)
  • Lygos: The Lygos are a Nosferatu bloodline with a debilitating weakness against bright lights. (Nosferatu p107)
  • Moroi: The Moroi bloodline, both Gangrel and Nosferatu, is bound to the service of the Ordo Dracul. Assassins and enforcers, the Moroi are possessed of a lust for hunting and killing, giving rise to their nickname. (Ordo Dracul p159)
  • Order of Sir Martin: The Order of Sir Martin (officially referred to as the Most Noble Order of the Fallen King), is a leprous Nosferatu bloodline which acts as a sort of secret police for the Invictus (or rarely, the Ordo Dracul). (Ancient Bloodlines p137)
  • Rakshasa: The Rakshasa are an Indian line of the Nosferatu. Part of the Kshatriya Caste, some Rakshasa have left their homeland. (Bloodlines the Hidden p116)
  • Telamones: The Telamones, also known as House Telamones, are a Nosferatu bloodline; they are the architects and engineers of the Nosferatu, and as such, use widely of the need others groups or covenants have of them. (Immortal Sinners p94)
  • Wendigo: The Wendigo are a Nosferatu bloodline of resilient Cannibalistic Monsters. (SPI Wiki)
  • Yagnatia: Founded by Konstantin I in the nights of the Christianization of Russia, the bloodline seems strangely good-looking for Nosferatu and claim a line of nobility that rivals even the Ventrue. (Bloodlines the Chosen p105)

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