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The following lays out the club’s expectations for its members’ behavior.

Legal Obligations

It is a condition of membership in Shadowplay International that members will not break local, state, federal, or international law while participating in or attending club activities.

Physical Safety

Members of Shadowplay International are required to not engage in activities that put themselves or others at risk while participating in club activities. This expectation covers (but is not limited to) not bringing weapons or items that could cause physical harm to themselves or others to games, not attending games while under the effects of substances that impair judgement or ability, not engaging in stunts or other physical activities that risk harm to self or others, and so on. Members must comply with local club staff requirements to facilitate the safety of themselves and others.


Consent is a core value for Shadowplay International. Members will not force other members to participate in events or scenes which are not conducive to their mental health or personal sense of safety; whether emotional or physical. Members are entitled to withdraw consent to any activity at any time and the setting of such boundaries must be respected.


Members of Shadowplay International are expected to deal with other members in an honest fashion. This includes not misleading staff, not lying or misrepresenting the facts to other members, not cheating or otherwise failing to disclose applicable rules, not saying things that you know will be misunderstood in your favour, etc. Honesty is not simply a matter of the veracity of the words used, it is a practice of behavior that all members of Shadowplay International are expected to uphold.

Personal Responsibility

Members of Shadowplay International are responsible for their actions both in and out of game. Ideas like “it’s what my character would do” deflect from the reality that players choose how their characters behave and ultimately hold responsibility for what they do in game and where their priorities lie. Likewise members are responsible for managing their emotional bleed or other upsets in a productive and sociable manner. Membership in Shadowplay International means being responsible for how you behave and how you treat other members of the club.

Promoting Positive Gaming Culture

Members of Shadowplay International are expected to behave inclusively and promote a positive social atmosphere around club activities. The games that Shadowplay International runs can be dark and sometimes cause players to slide into competitive or isolationist behaviours that are not conducive to a good experience for other players. Members are expected to not indulge in these negative behaviours and to lean into the out-of-character aspects of the game to promote good will and positive participation with other members.