Emily Bradshaw

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Emily Bradshaw
Concept: Unknown
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Consilium: St. Louis
Legacy None
Cabal: None
Player: NPC
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information[edit]

She lives in what appears to be a pet store, currently attached to a room in the Hotel St. Jude.


A young, Irish girl with blonde and blue tussled hair. (It's real, she's checked.) She's on the shorter side, most of the time. Usually immaculately clean, unless it's been five minutes, or someone got too close or moved the air in the room--dust is pervasive like that, you know.


"You know that sound a seesaw makes when it hasn't been oiled in decades as it sits, rotting in an abandoned park in specifically Chernobyl? It smells like that sound." - Emily, trying to describe it to someone else, as it was described to her.


Thanks to interference by Bowman and Wolf, Emily is now significantly less unhinged than when initially introduced to the city of St. Louis. She does still respond to the occasional voice that no one else can hear and often complains about the smell of olives.

  • Strawberries.
  • Her Uncle.
  • Cursing in Gaelic. She has no idea what she's saying, but that's irrelevant.
  • Olives.
  • The color purple.
  • Wolves.
  • Pig farms.
  • Doors. She likes doors. They go places.
  • Germaphobic, agoraphobic, and has what equates to a passive relationship with sunlight. "I see sunlight, I pass by it."
  • For a perfectly legitimate reason, will lash out immediately if she smells olives.
  • Desperately wants to be normal and accepted; but, to quote her own subconscious, "sometimes you are just too late to save the little girl."
  • Cleaning her living space.


  • Adept of Space
  • Acquisitor
Information Known by Awakened Society[edit]


  • 2000 - Born around here, most likely.
  • 2008 - If her own memory is to be believed, sometime around here, she inherited a contract from her grandfather to an unknown entity.
  • 2017 - Has now given that contract to Lucian, made friends with Bowman, and has joined the city of St. Louis at large.

Recent Events[edit]

Recently aided the group known as the 'Senate' in the revival of the individual known as 'Cleo.' She claims to have been acting under the influence of a contract that she inherited from her grandfather owed to an unknown entity. Having now passed that contract onto Lucian (who willingly accepted ownership of the contract that was taking the form of a wolf cub [though she described it as a pitbull] and all responsibilities therein) with at least one or two remaining favors-owed, she has joined the St. Louis mages as an ally to stop whatever it is the Senate is actually planning.

Emily was kidnapped from her room at the Hotel St. Jude by as-of-yet unidentified mages.

Presumably through her own volition, Emily has returned to the safety of the consillium, though sans her right arm and other bits and pieces of various organs. Is currently recovering post-operation and is expected to recover--eventually.


Quotes By[edit]

  • "DO YOU SMELL OLIVES?" - Emily, just after moving the room to Cuba, but just prior to moving the room to the center of an active volcano.
  • "But he was such a NICE pitbull." - Emily to Bowman, speaking about the contract she previously owed to some unknown entity, having just pawned it off to Lucian through his own, perfectly willing, choices.
  • "Dryer sheets. It's staticky." - Emily to Wolf, in reference to his magic.

Quotes About[edit]

"Quote" - reference


"Quote" - reference


  • Emily doesn't interpret magic via sight like most Mages. Instead, she uses her sense of smell.
  • Whatever it was that the senate needed from her they have now taken.
  • Bowman seems overly protective of, or has a thing for her, both rumors are circulating.

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham from the webcomic Questionable Content. At least, in terms of extreme mannerisms.