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This page, Help:Character Pages, describes the basic layout of a character page and how to put one together. We've constructed a bunch of templates to make this easy for you, so the whole process should be relatively painless.

Starting the Page[edit]

First search your character's name. If the name isn't in use by someone else, the wiki search engine will let you create that page. If the name is in use, consider an alternative nickname or pseudonym that the character might use and search that.

Once you're able to click the Create the page "[your page name]" on this wiki! link, you're set to start.

The Infobox[edit]

Once you're editing a new page, the first thing to add is an infobox template.

We've set up a bunch for you, all of which have explanations of how they're used:

Images are always optional (or can be added later) and each template has items that aren't necessarily required. Their template pages will say which ones these are.

Copy the template into your page, fill it out and you're most of the way there!

The Body of the Page[edit]

The important part is making your page readable. For most impact, start with a quick biographical blurb about your character. Wikipedia-style biographical pages typically start something like this:

Justin Pierre James Trudeau (born December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politican serving as the 23rd and current prime minister of Canada since 2015 and leader of the Liberal Party since 2013.

Name in bold, birth details in brackets, and a strong opening sentence. Try to give a general summary of who the character is and what people ought to know about them and their personality. Try to give an outsider's perspective of the character; that way people are more likely to be intrigued.

After that you should probably add the following:




That will give you three sections to fill out that will flesh out the rest of the page. Put what feels right in each. Your ST may have some pointers for you here.

We also find that for quotes, the following structure can help:

<i>"First person's statement."<br />
"Second person's statement"</i>
: — A brief explanation

You can put as many of those quotes as you like inside the blockquote tags, it'll keep everything nicely indented.

Finally, add the genre category for your character. You can do that with the following markup:

[[Category:Genre Name]]

The links in the sidebar on the left should give you all the genre category names.

And that's pretty much it. Add any embellishments you like, but if you've filled that out you're basically done.

In-Character vs Out-of-Character[edit]

It's important to realise that wiki pages shouldn't be treated as in-character information. They exist to advertise your character's existence to other players and give them a reasonable understanding of what you're trying to play - that way they can decide if they want to make character ties or what sort of stories those players might like to play with you.

The recommendation is to be candid (even if someone wants to play your character's enemy, being open with that player can allow you both to plan more interesting and dramatic conflicts) but if you don't want to include every piece of information then don't.

Hopefully you enjoy using the SPI wiki. Have fun!