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This page, Help:Domain Pages, is for domain admins and domain-level and venue-level storytellers to generally have a fair idea of how best to work together and coordinate a domain's interconnected set of pages and systems.

Background Pointers[edit]

Firstly, at the present moment domain and venue pages are a work in progress. Feedback helps - if you need something, say something.

That being said, the designs currently in use and being built are intended to provide players the easiest learning curve. Previously domain/venue pages have had a lot of clutter (intended to insure that new players have all the information they need, but resulting in a bit of information overload) - so the priority is light and easy to navigate, with universally required information provided via links to pages everyone uses rather than forcing every domain to copy-paste the same information.

Obviously that sounds pretty good, but the downside is that easy navigation requires a little setup work.

The Main Page[edit]

The main domain page is relatively simple to implement at the moment - we have a domain template which uses the following code:

 | domain-facebook  = Link to the domain's Facebook page (if it exists)
 | domain-twitter   = Link to the domain's Twitter page (if it exists)
 | domain-instagram = Link to the domain's Instagram page (if it exists)
 | domain-discord   = Link to the domain's Discord server (if it exists)
 | dst              = DST's name
 | dst-personalpage = DST's personal wiki page
 | dst-email        = DST's email inbox
 | da               = DA's name
 | da-personalpage  = DA's personal wiki page
 | da-email         = DA's email inbox
 | venue1-link      = Venue page's name
 | venue1-title     = The name of the venue's genre
<MsCalendar>Domain name here</MsCalendar>

This will auto-fill a page with a bunch of easy to follow panels and pre-written blurb text (feedback on the blurb is useful, if you have any issues with it or want additional options please say so). It can support up to 8 venue links by repeating the -link and -title options as needed (venue1, venue2, venue3, etc). And it provides a dynamic calendar that you can add domain events to (although fair warning: anyone can edit the calendar so it does kinda rely on the honour rule).

There are a few quirks with this template however:

  1. The venue link trait currently uses the following key term options (minus the quotation marks): "Awakening CofD", "Created CofD", "Cross Genre CofD", "Descent CofD", "Forsaken CofD", "Lost CofD", "Mortals CofD", "Primordial" CofD, "Requiem CofD" and "Sin-Eaters CofD". Anything outside these options will give you a visual error (this is due to the file names we have for genre skull images, and to allow future expansion into other game lines). Venue title can be whatever you like, it accepts plain text.
  2. The template may have issues if people have tweaked the font display size in their browser (it may make text larger than the panel it's in). Not much we can do about that unfortunately.

As previously stated, feedback is strongly desirable (for example, if it turns out there's call for us to add "domain IC news", then we can always add that).

Venue Pages[edit]

The domain page will automatically turn each venue panel into a link. That link will follow a "[Domain Name]/[Venue Name]" standard - making the venue page what wikimedia calls a "subpage" of the domain page. All subpages automatically include a link at their top back to the page they're subordinate to, which is useful for player navigation.

At the present time we do not have venue templates, although these are planned. For the time being it is recommended that venue pages be created as a set of subpages - something like the following:


That way your main venue page can be a landing page of sorts to explain the core information - date, location and general tone and outlay of your game - and then the subpages provide the other specifics. To create those pages, just put that full address (ie "Austin/Requiem/Characters" for example) into the search bar and create it from scratch. The wiki will automatically parse the slashes in the title to recognise it as a subpage.

Additionally, for STs who want to really get stuck into the materials they give players, history pages may benefit from the EasyTimeline extension.


Help requests or feedback are welcome. The SPI Staff Discord can be accessed via this link (please don't use it if you're not an ST or Admin) and you can leave a message in the "wiki-admin-and-feedback" channel.