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Shadowplay International's wiki runs with several extensions that give extra options when making wiki pages.

So in addition to the regular wiki markup options we also have the following options:

MS Calendar

This tag is particularly useful for domain-level event management. MS Calendar allows you to create a named calendar to which events can be added.

For example, the following code creates the named calendar "Example":


Any events added on this calendar will be recorded on all instances of "Example" and are particular only to the "Example" calendar, which displays like so:


It is recommended that domain calendars simply use the domain name as the calendar name. At this time there isn't a means of user-access controlling addition and removal of events, so club members are expected to behave properly when interacting with these calendars.


Downtown San Francisco

Kartographer is an extension that allows you to add dynamic map thumbnails and links to your page. It does this with the mapframe and maplink tags - full details of how to do all of that can be found here.

However to provide a basic how to, see below:


The mapframe tag allows you to add interactive map thumbnails like the one to the right.

The example to the right is:

<mapframe text="Downtown [[wikipedia:San Francisco|San Francisco]]" width=250 height=250 zoom=13 latitude=37.8013 longitude=-122.3988 />


The maplink tag allows you to provide a link that will expand a full-window map of the desired location. These links can also be map markers much like the ones that can be added to a mapframe thumbnail.

An example might be:

<maplink text="click me" zoom="13" latitude="37.8103" longitude="-122.3995" />

Which would create: click me


Map markers can be added to either mapframe or maplink tags. Rather than using a self-ending tag as in the previous examples, by using a separate closing tag you can put marker JSON information between the tags.

An example might look like this:

San Francisco museums
<mapframe text="San Francisco museums" width=250 height=250 zoom=13 latitude=37.8013 longitude=-122.3988>
  "type": "Feature",
  "geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [-122.3988, 37.8013] },
  "properties": {
    "title": "[[wikipedia:Exploratorium|Exploratorium]]",
    "description": "[[File:Giant_Mirror_at_the_Exploratorium.jpeg|200px]]",
    "marker-symbol": "museum",
    "marker-size": "large",
    "marker-color": "0050d0"

More details here.

Additionally, polygon territorial markers can be added as well and to generate the appropriate JSON code for that there is



EasyTimeline is an extension that allows you to create all sorts of timeline graphs - vertical, horizontal, multilayered, etc.

Timeline coding can get quite intricate, so a general rundown of how to code one can be found here.


The Spoiler extension is pretty straightforward - it hides your text behind a button. The text of the button both while it hides text and while it shows text can be altered as needed: