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Agatha Annette Krizpe
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Ventrue •••
Covenant: Invictus •••
City: [[Requiem CofD|]] ••
Title: none
Sire: Avery Peckham
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: none
Embraced: December 1670
Player: Jekca Totten
Storyteller: [mailto: VST]

Personal Information[edit]


Agatha is 5’6’’, 170 odd pounds, blue eyes, pale skinned, looks to be in her 70’s, reminds you of someone’s grandmother. She wears old lady clothes, but rich old lady, pearls etc. Sometimes appears with a cane. Never unkept, always styled. Always to the nines.


Agatha acts like a bit of an entitled older lady, expects things to be clean, handled promptly and professionally. She doesn't have time for fools.

Mortal World[edit]

Owner of family owned and ran Krizpe Confectionery Inc., and includes Krizpe Cakes, Cookies, Candies, etc. Has lines of sugar free, gluten free, etc. Goods are a little expensive, but have good ratings for being delicious and wholesome. They usually sell in specialty shops, and whatever local outfits she contracts with, avoiding big box stores. She calls them snacks for the snacks. Factories are all in America, in various small towns. Matriarch always runs family, then "dies" and passes business to oldest daughter, Agatha has been perpetuating this cycle for a while now. She is 'seen' at various locations during the day, chamber of commerce breakfasts, etc, due to her 'twin' Ghoul, a family member surgically altered to look exactly like her and act as her day time proxy. Agatha is a known philanthropist, donates money locally to education, community projects, etc. Every factory is known to be a wonderful place to work, with better than average wages, good working conditions, and a staffed kitchen for breaks and lunches. Those factories have Red Cross blood donation drives on site a minimum once a week. She is also known to collect rare art, some is displayed in the staff rooms in her factories, the rarest pieces are, assumed, to be in her home.

Information Known by Kindred Society[edit]


  • 1602- born April 1, 1602, Agnes Sinclair, 5th daughter of a minor earl.
  • 1618- Married, had multiple children, some survived and produced lines, some did not.
  • 1660's - Met Avery Peckham at philosophers party, Peckham was a friend of John Locke. They became lovers. She discovered what he was, and blackmailed him into turning her.
  • 1670 - DOD on gravestone, at her families estate graveyard. Turned by Avery Peckham
  • 1700's- Traveled Europe with Peckham, using family monies. Met Argyle Sorrow.
  • 1790 - Parted ways with Avery (current location/status unknown), and made her way to America
  • 1800 - Settled in Saint Louis area
  • 1804 - Witnessed the leaving of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • 1830's- Moved to California, started buying and running brothels, was in SanFran for the gold rush, was able to make a nice profit. Able to bring over all of her extended family from England who wished to relocate. Created first Ghoul, and began the foundation of her current process.
  • 1880's- Moved to Texas, started buying and running brothels. Met Laura Bullion, owned the brothel Bullion worked at briefly. Bullion taught her how to shoot a gun.
  • 1880- Started selling off brothels and investing in bakeries, and then the factories making the baked goods.
  • 1900-2015- Cycle of move to an area, open factories, live nearby, establish family, have ghoul for proxy, after a few decades, "kill" off that incarnation and already established "daughter" takes over, and moves to near area to open new factory.
  • 2016- Adelle Krizpe "died" (living deep South in Louisiana) , and daughter "Agatha" took over Krizpe Confectionery Inc., and decided to relocate and open new factory in Centralia, MO. A old crumbing factory was purchased, and work began to repair the ruins. The basement was immediately shored up, and much work was done to over reinforce the foundation and first floor, and reconnect the sewer and waste water lines, and connections to the local infrastructure.

Recent History[edit]


  • JAN - Finished construction of basement of factory. Contracted out security measures to a recommended vampire. Left word she would present herself at court soon.
  • FEB- Hired construction to complete factory, has several teams working around the hours, with quieter work done at night. Presented herself and joined the court. Unamused with her research assistant, who neglected to advise her of several things going on locally. Has, upon offer, had her staff taken over the interior care and management of the building used for Elysium. Permission was granted for her to move into Centralia, and her hunting grounds established as the city limits.
  • MAR - Factory building is done, work has moved into installing the main equipment inside, at the Centralia MO Krizpe Cookie Factory, and hiring has begun. Agatha appears to be cultivating connections in the community, both financial and governmental. Krizpe Inc. donated a rather large sums to several local colleges for them to use with no apparent strings attached. She also attended the first, "mixer" in the middle of nowhere, or as she put it, "flyover country", and met with a few werewolves, a mage, and other random bodies over the growing concern in Columbia.
  • APR- Continue work on Factory. Working on banking connections to help determine source of vitae drink being sold to the humans, causing issues. Working on city council connections as well.
  • MAY- Factory starts producing test batches of cookies, decides to start a protein based line. Sends some to a local were for testing.
  • JUN- Opened a store front for a test kitchen of cookies in Columbia, giving her more reason to be seen in and around town, Fresh. Fresh shut down due to area sewer issues, plans to reopen once allowed to do so. Seen in Centralia having brunch with various city officials and managers.
  • JUL- working on deeper ties and connections, seen at various functions both during the way and at night.
  • AUG-working on deeper ties and connections, seen at various functions both during the way and at night.
  • SEP- Met several from Saint Louis, when they stopped in town to let the court, as it was, know about the northern strix problem. Ran into an old acquaintance, Gail Inslee, who was in town wanting to talk to the 'prince.' Gail Inslee declared the court no more, and a blood hunt on the former prince. Agatha hasn't been see at the vampire HQ since then, but her family still makes sure the lights stay on and the building is clean and ready.
  • OCT- Mansion upkeep, more info TBA


Known Sire[edit]

  • Avery Peckham vampire sire
  • Aggie DuBoi-Sinclair- mother
  • Charles Sinclair- father

Known Siblings[edit]

  • Charles the third- deceased
  • Douglas- deceased
  • Edward- deceased
  • Ann- deceased

Known Childer[edit]

  • Has mentioned she has turned a couple over the years. The first had to be put down. The second is in Europe, handling the European branch of the company. Due to the issues with the first, is careful with whom she turns. Descendants of her mortal children serve her and the Family still.

Known Grand-childer[edit]


Quotes By[edit]

  • "Now sonny, don't you worry about it. You just let me handle it."
  • "Well bless your heart."
  • 'I call them snacks for the snacks." (in reference to making cookies for mortals)

Quotes About[edit]

"Quote" - reference


"Quote" - reference


  • that the cane is really a shotgun
  • that she is a daywalker, although some know that the one seen under the sun is her ghoul.
  • rumors abound in regards to her speed of movement and use of her cane, but no one has ever seen her move anything but old and slow...still surely a vampire wouldn't be old and slow?

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • Mom of Mom's robots, Tweety's Grandmother, and Malory Archer.


OOC Information[edit]

Think a mashup between Futurama's Mom from Mom's Friendly Robot Company, Tweety's Grannie, and Malory Archer.

Member Information
Player: Jekca
Number: GWB2016100101
Domain: Mid-MO