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Agnessa Aeslinn
Concept: Monster Therapy
Tribe: Iron Masters
Auspice: Elodoth
City: Mid-MO
Lodge: [[:Category: CofD|]]
Spirit Rank ••
Glory --
Honor ••
Purity --
Player: Jekca Totten
Storyteller: Mid-MO VST

Personal Information[edit]

Dr. Agnessa Aeslinn, Psy.D, AKA Nessa


Nessa is 5’6, brunette with gold and red highlights from being outside. She looks to be about 180 pounds, blue eyes, and looks like she is late 20’s to earlier 30’s. Based on her status as a Psychologist, she has to be at least in her 30’s. She dresses to blend in. If it’s formal, she wears formal, if it’s casual she dresses casual. She often has one or more odd looking amulets on. When she is nervous she may stutter. She wears glasses, but doesn't seem to need them terribly much.


A little socially awkward, shy, skittish. Very nice, very observant, the kind of person that finds strangers spilling their life stories over watermelon at the local grocery store.

Mortal World[edit]

Is known among the medical world as Dr. Aeslinn, Psychologist, who specializes in social psychology. Her Practice is part of services offered at Counseling and Psychological Services, LLC in Columbia at 2804 Forum Blvd. On weekends though Nessa, under the identify of one "Ximena Verdad" can be found at local psychic fairs reading cards, throwing runes, and doing what she calls "'on site' research into social norms and societal interplay when blended with the nontraditional beliefs and methodology." Nessa has a hunting license in Missouri, along with several registered firearms, but records show she prefers bow seasons.



Nessa, Doctor Strange, Doc, or She-who-listens, Ximena (pronounced shee-MEH-nah) Verdad



  • 1970 - Agnessa “Nessa” Aeslinn born in 1970, in the Appalachia in Tennessee, in a town that’s no longer a town, called Nullepart by locals. Birth was by midwife, but her birth was eventually registed with the government along with baptism records at the local Catholic Church. Has no idea who her father is, mother didn't seem to know either. Mother was one of The Aeslinn's, an odd backwood matriarchal family with secrets that Agnessa didn't hang around long enough to learn. (which was prob not wise in the long run, all things considered).
  • 1980 - boring kid stuff. Then an early HS graduation and started college. Left the mountains and her family as soon as she was able, fearing they were some form of hick moonshine cult.. Obtained double BA at 20, counseling/psychology
  • 1990 - Earned masters (psychology and counseling, with focuses in social/developmental psychology) and Psy.D at Univ. of Tennessee.
  • 2000 - Moved to Dallas Texas to open a practice, then mostly vanished for the rest of decade, at least for any time she was not working at said practice. During this time, first change, (had no idea what she was until then), local pack found and made her join (was living in Tennessee, but on vacation in Texas when this occurred, she wasn't allowed to leave). Leaders were, very redneck macho, and pushed the females around. What little she knows, she learned from the other females in bits and pieces, so is pretty unaware of much of anything when it comes to being a were, or their culture.
  • 2010 - Still off the grid for the first half of the decade, reappeared in 2015, due to an escape from said pack.
  • 2016-2017 - Moved to Columbia MO, as a new addition to Counseling and Psychological Services, LLC in town at 2804 Forum Blvd. Lives over a business in the downtown district.

Recent Events[edit]

  • June 2017 - invited to, and attended supnat meeting at Neutral Grounds, met several weres, a mage. Ran into some hunters at the scene of a car fire.
  • July 2017 - was seen in Iowa at a symposium, which turned out to be in an Iowan pack's territory, witnessed a Pure's first change and exposed to stuff she still doesn't fully understand.
  • August 2017 - ambushed by Missy, has to show up at times to learn how to be part of a pack and hunt with said pack. Also has to try to get a handle on her current, issues, being in contact with weres, especially males.
  • Sept. 2017 - Spent time job shadow local were Eric Frei, per Missy's instructions. Also spent a weekend in Iowa, with a northern pack she visits upon occasion. Has had to shifted now enough she can without hesitation, if she must, although she still prefers to not. Spent some time late sept, early October in Saint Louis, establishing supnat connections for more patients.


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  • Rumors surrounding the fact that she often has tarot and rune booths, and does readings in her spare time, seem to cling to her like spiderwebs. This probablly both loses and gains her clientele at her practice.
  • she knows next to nothing about being what she is, (in the supnat community).

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • Dr. Linda Martin from Lucifer
  • Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, PhD
  • Save the World by Swedish House Mafia
  • Black Magic Woman by Santana
  • Fight Song by Rachel Platten

OOC Information[edit]

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Player: Jekca
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