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The Red Perdition VSS

The Consilium[edit]

  • Hierophant: vacant

The Awakened[edit]

File:AdamantineArrow.gif File:FreeCouncil.gif File:GuardiansOfTheVeil.gif File:Mysterium.gif File:SilverLadder.gif File:SmallMageSkull.png
Adamantine Arrow Free Council Guardians of the Veil Mysterium Silver Ladder Apostate
Bee El Dj Taliesin Boon Antithesis Wowicake Adrenaline
Plague Doc
Trip the Penumbra Fantastic NysKr
That's What She Said

Sleepwalkers and Others[edit]


History & Setting[edit]

Some bad things stalk the fields in Iowa…animals that appear to be human, the abominations that are the damned, and other unsavory things. That being said they generally keep to themselves and don’t cause too much trouble, but when they do cause trouble they do it well. As of late though it’s not been either of them causing problems for us. They don’t salt and corrupt the earth, they don’t make groceries spoil before they get to the ice box. They also don’t make regular animals attack unprovoked, or if they can I sure as hell didn’t know. There’s a folk tale though, one about this thing that couldn’t quite be killed. No one is sure what happened to it though. But then again it’s just a folk tale, so don’t put too much stock into it. Some other things that have been happening as of late is in the eastern part of Iowa, near this little Amish place, spirits have been manifesting…in droves. They don’t ever go to the road, but when you drive on 22 at night you’ll damn sure see them. Then there’s the matter of the murders down the road in Riverside. Terribly terrifying from what I hear. Not much of a corpse left, almost like the people exploded, or exploded after becoming a corpse. But, this is just more to investigate right? Have fun out there…and stay safe as you can…

What's Happening in Ames this Month[edit]