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25 February 2017[edit]

From a letter written by Lee to a scribbled and illegible name

On a night where the Harpy/Master of Elysium was conspictiously absent (I know I mentioned him before, the most Net Trolly computer nerd I've ever met), as was the Reeve as far as I know (I don't even want to hear it, I've done this before, and I know what I am doing so shut it), everything blew up. I am not kidding, and for once, I had nothing to do with it. You both wondered why no one really bothered with this area. Well, I can now answer that question, you may have had suspicions. I can't see how you didn't, but I do wish you had TOLD me. I have to make some pretty swift adjustments to what I am doing and when I am doing it.

Anyways, someone new showed up, a Vlastislav Radev, Daeva, who immediately tried to pull that irritating Awe nonsense on the court, Richetta ended that, I believe her to be stronger than she lets on, which we suspected all things considered. Janus knew there was a newcomer, but neglected to advise the Sheriff that this was occuring. I would have more, but the evening was interrupted by a rather large and wasteful slaughter of a temple filled with snacks of varying ages. I accompanied Richetta in the absense of guards or Eleanor, along with Radev and the other mekhet Khalid, to the temple to see what happened. I gathered from the copious amount of ranting and cursing coming from the prince there was more going on. Turns out the Hindu Temple sits on top of the entrance to a rather larger and rather old collection of vampired cells for housing both those in torpor, and the housing of those who should have been ashed as far as I am concerned for various crimes. As best I was advised, there were about 50 cells occupied, half torpid, half criminals. Of the criminals, some were mere tresspassers (those were eaten or destroyed). The Caretaker, who as far as I can tell is a really old, and seriously stinky, native american vampire, of a few powers I don't even recognize, was staked and drained. The prince was able to bring him back with a feeding, donated by herself. As best I can tell, 13 vampires are unaccounted for (if one assumes the piles of ashes are really a pile of ashed vampire and not, I dunno, remains of a burned pile of cow or something), 11 were criminals and 2 of the torpid.

The caretaker identified the prince as the one who staked him, based on what I had seen of her tonight, the timing from my sources, I honestly didn't, and still don't think, that it was possible for her to have been in both places at once. She went all large pussy cat and framed a puma, while I hid the damage and blood that would draw attention to the catacombs or whatever you wanna call that mess. I tell you this, no way in bowls of Hades I would take any kind of nap down there. She had me escort her back to have Doctor Wren check her mind to see if she had been dominated or something. I have yet to hear the results of that, but I still stand behind the time line. Unless she has a twin, she could NOT have done it, even if she flew out there.

The vampires all know, prince allowed that, ghouls could get warnings but not exact knowledge, and sources could get warned, to be careful. I, per permission, started some serious rumors that there was a prison break that some snacks broke out. As many of MY sources have already texted or called me with warnings, the rumor is still going strong.

As for what you said in your last letter... note shifts into something indecipherable