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Amy Kim
Concept: Tech Entrepreneur
Clan: Daeva --
Covenant: Invictus --
City: St. Louis --
Sire: Malakai
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: Lineage/House/Coterie
Embraced: 2015
Player: Carolina
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information[edit]

Former sheriff and Daeva priscus of Saint Louis.


A young woman of Asian descent, in her mid twenties. At 5’6” and 105 lbs, she’s lanky and delicate at the same time.

Wears clean but simple clothing, commonly oversized promotional t-shirts form tech companies, jeans, a hooded jacket and sneakers. Has dark eyes and hair in a mid-length bob, with a few strands falling over her face. She doesn’t wear makeup or jewelry, her only accessory is a big raggedy messenger bag containing an undetermined number of gadgets at anytime.

Save for her eyes gleaming when certain topics of her interest are being discussed or the occasional frown while focusing, most of the time her face is devoid of distinct expressions. She’d probably be pretty if she smiled more, but she’s done so in the presence of just 2 or 3 people since being turned.


Suffering from severe flat affect, Amy seems to have five main emotional states: indifferent, racing thoughts, annoyed, excited, and kernel panic.

Having been raised by strict parents, she became an over-achiever at an early age, working herself to exhaustion in order to execute her duties efficiently and to perfection. She is extremely confident in her abilities when it comes to technology and business, and she demands the same high standards from the people around her, which has become a great source of frustration and conflict through the years, since she has no qualms questioning her superiors’ decisions.

In all aspects of her life, this pathological perfectionism manifests in several forms, including severe trust issues, excessive focus while mastering new skills/knowledge, and an obsession with cleanliness. Combined, these tend to make people want to keep their distance.

Despite all of this, she’s loyal once she finds someone to respect, and cares greatly about the people she allows to get closer, though she’ll rarely admit it.

She has very low tolerance to violence exposure, and probably suffers from a related, but undiagnosed mental or personality disorder.

  • Quirk: Since being embraced, prefers not to see her food, so whenever possible, she sips it from a lidded coffee paper cup. Says 'fuck' a lot.

Mortal World[edit]

Considered one of the tech geniuses of her generation, had a promising career ahead until she sold her startup to AnimaCorp and left for Saint Louis to lead AnimaTech Midwest. Worked as CEO and CTO of the company for a year before quitting for mysterious reasons, and suddenly disappearing from the tech map.

Information Known by Kindred Society[edit]


Recent History[edit]

  • Was embraced shortly before that, in 2015, by an anonymous sire, who turned up to be Malakai
  • Came to Saint Louis in 2016, without much understanding of the supernatural world, if any at all
  • Left the leadership of AnimaTech Midwest citing disagreements with how the company was being handled from HQ
  • Worked as Business Manager at Saint Louis' Boire after leaving AnimaTech
  • Named Sheriff in August 2017. Her resignation, submitted shortly after, was rejected


  • Acquired the At&T building in Downtown, forming a business partnership with Shaper to create a tech creator space
  • Hasn't been seen in the city after the death of Caligula


Known Sire[edit]

Known Siblings[edit]

Known Childer[edit]

  • None

Known Grand-childer[edit]

  • None


Quotes By[edit]

  • "Just Amy is fine" - Anytime she's called Ms. Kim
  • "Anything you need" thinking for a few seconds "Not literally anything" - to Lee
  • "Oh, in that you are wrong. Little things can change the world. One day you are shaping glass with your bare hands, the next you are splitting the atom...It's magic too, but of a different kind" - to Shaper
  • "No, I mean...just had some ideas....from the internet….did some research on that, and....well, I invested time, and, time….time is money? ….. No, neverminnnnnd" - to Lee, about refurbishing the black door room at Boire
  • "What's up with the eyes? I've seen you do that before...You know? never mind...I can barely deal with my kind...No need to add extra degrees of freedom to this equation" - to Billy
  • "Be like Lee. Be like Lee...." - muttered to herself

Quotes About[edit]

  • ”You weren't here to get the drinks and roll your eyes at me, so another bartender got it and I had to roll eyes at myself." - Shaper
  • "Maybe we need the security guys to do a sweep at closing, I swear Amy keeps sleeping upstairs somehow." - Lee, about Amy taking naps at Boire's room 7 (aka, "the cozy room")


After being ambushed by Maxime de Sanford, while making an impromptu visit to Fire Reigns

Maxime : "Well Miss Kim. I suppose the obvious next question is, 'what do you want?' "
Amy : “That's a dangerous question to ask of someone who's just lost their sire, job and friends.”
Maxime : "Isn't it though."

Shaper worries about Amy's living arrangements

Shaper : “Amy, c'mon man. This is no place to live. What, are you shacked up in a closet up there?"
Amy : ”What do you mean? Have you seen that room? I just finished it, and it's the coziest room that ever existed"
Shaper : ”I know you went into free fall after AnimaTech, but don't you want a place of your own? A place to set up your computers and have your own space? To set up some server racks?"
Amy : "Let me know if you wanna see it. We can give you a special price. And by special, I mean 20% above normal rate"


  • Looks good in a dress
  • Is a hobo (has no fixed place of residence)
  • Is a bit off
  • Barks at the moon

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • “This is fine” meme
  • Halt and Catch Fire’s Cameron Howe
  • 24’s Chloe O’Brian
  • Mr. Robot

OOC Information[edit]

  • Found a soulmate in Shaper
  • Grand-childe of Caligula, he left his titles and positions among the Invictus upon his death to her, should she decide to accept them
  • Left Saint Louis without notifying the Court and with destination unknown two days after the Prince's death, with a group of Invictus operatives that had been called to help protect the city

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