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Ashi Mori
Concept: Popstar princess in hiding
Tribe: Storm Lords
Auspice: Cahalith
City: St. Louis
Lodge: none
Pack: House Minamoto
Spirit Rank
Cunning --
Glory ••
Purity --
Wisdom --
Player: Jekca
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information[edit]


Dark long hair that she often wears up in fancy braids with things woven into the braids (although also randomly wears wigs or dyes her hair varied colors), eyes are green (but often wears odd contacts), 120 odd pounds, 5’3, looks barely 21, has massive scars across the bottom of her face, and across her neck. She is rarely, if ever, seen in public without a mask on at least the bottom half of her face, and her neck is always covered with a scarf or a high collared shirt. When she speaks it surprises people, because it sounds low and gravely, due to the damage to her face and neck. Her brands are across her back, and tattooed over, along with her yakuza tatts, mixed in with Japanese artistry.

Her tatts cover her brands, and are of cherry blossoms, snakes, and water. If you look very carefully, you can see the faint pattern of spiders in the cherry blossoms.


Bubbly, but quiet due to the way her voice sounds, so when she does speak she tends to speak softly. Bright, observant, kind.

Information Known by Mortal Society[edit]

From Japan, singer, lives with 'family' on a block where the family owns the entire block. Voice sounds damaged, but makes for a beautiful eerie sound when she sings folk and blues. Daughter of Kaito Minimoto Head of House Minimoto. Mother is diseased, has a single younger brother.



  • Koel (youtube stage name)
  • Voice-in-the-shadows
  • She who bleeds for pack
Information Known by Supnat Society[edit]

From Japan, moved with a few others to America in late fall of 2017. Her furrier forms have black fur, laced with silver and crossed with wide harsh white scars, and is a type of Japanese werewolf, so doesn't look quite american. Her mother died when her little brother was born. Her father is an alpha in Japan still, and head of the family. She is the only daughter and the eldest child. Before her mother died, she asked her father to keep Ashi out, as much as possible, of much of the seedier parts of the family's business.

Information Known by Werewolf Society[edit]

Kaito Minimoto is an grizzled old alpha and stormlord in Japan. The Minimoto clans venerates various foxes. The American pack's totem are the twin stone foxes. Her and her father and brother's werewolf forms have traits that look like the Honshu wolf, so look a bit odd to american were wolves, a tad more fox like.



  • 1993 - Born in Tokyo
  • 1996 - Brother is born, mother dies.
  • 1995-2005 - Details are limited. School, kid stuff, spent some free time at a temple.
  • 2015-2015 - Details are limited, and seem to be intentionally kept vague. First change in this general timeframe
  • 2016 - Accident of some kind
  • 2017 - moved with pack to Saint Louis from Japan, formation of youtube channel, and folk/blues music.
  • 2018 - Was at the April 2018 Night Congress meeting backing up Takeshi, (or he was there to protect her, who knows), when a encounter with some Pure occurred.


  • Sings on Bandit's boat
  • Youtube channels
  • Makes rounds to protect her area along with her pack.
  • Had a June 2019 run in with a mixed group hunting for breeding stock for a group she'd never heard of before.
  • Wrote and made a song popular for 'They-Who-Curses sacrifice, the true version she sung to the lunes, the version for public consumption has lyrics that hide the meanings behind allegory.
  • Wrote song for Hunts-Without-Honor, and will do the same. The public version of the song will be about a loser who preys on women at clubs and bars, and when rebuffed gets belligerent and rude. He is only driven off by his friends, who still have some honor and decency.
  • Wrote a song about meme's and got it to be popular, along with one to drive zoo popularity and donations.



  • Spiders
  • tea and coffee
  • music
  • rain, wind, storms


  • mint ice cream
  • wearing shoes
  • people who stand in aisles and don't get out of the way for passers


Quotes By[edit]

"Quote" - reference

Quotes About[edit]

  • "yeah, she's adorable"


(Speaking of the ink on her back)

"Yakuza sister. We wear our history on our skin. My father is alpha back home....and big boss.... I would have arms done too if I had no walked too public a route to be marked thus openly. As was, had to have back painted over for concerts. Was itchy. Plus spirit brands are in there, marks earned from spirits for doing.... in my case things I am proud for what art means.... snake for my culture is often female...wisdom...Water is change, adaptation, and life...and a joke from my father about my budding stormy...attitudes. As for cherry blossoms. Reminder that life is fleeting."


  • Was once a teenage pop star overseas.
  • Something is wrong with her throat/face
  • engaged
  • She is a member of a yakuza clan from the Kyoto area.
  • Owes a mage a large favor.

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • Blackbird by the Beatles
  • Glitter & Gold by Barns Courtney

OOC Information[edit]

Member Information
Player: Jekca
Number: GWB2016100101
Domain: Saint Louis