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Concept: The Witch Queen of The Highlands
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ••••
City: Melbourne •••••
Title: Enchantress
Sire: Persephone [NPC]
Bloodline: Blodeuwedd
Embraced: 1819
Player: [mailto: NPC]
Storyteller: Melbourne VST

Personal Information[edit]


A small woman, she could easily slip by your notice if it weren't for her commanding aura. Her auburn hair seems untameable and her eery, golden eyes strike fear into men.


Most would call Blair aloof, the rest would call her a bitch. Not her face mind you, they value their lungs inside their chest. She’s snarky, wild, and untamed. She will be beholden to no man, so don’t you dare think you can speak to her if you’re a man. She used to care deeply for the plights of other women, but slowly she has grown more alien, less connected to the human world. Still, on her good days she can be almost friendly.

Information Known by Kindred Society[edit]


Blair was born in Scotland in 1800 to a woman named Lenore, a medicine woman in the Scottish highlands. From a young age Blair followed in her mother's footsteps, learning herbal medicine and such things. As she grew older her curiosity drew her deeper into the dark woods, learning of darker, more powerful magics. And as she grew more men came to ask for her hand in marriage and each time she turned them down, her interests were in the magic of the world, both dark and light. Some took offence to her refusal. In 1819, in the dead of night, she was dragged from her be by four of the men she'd refused, taken into the woods, where they beat her, used her, and left her for dead. A woman wandering through the woods that night found her, bloody and cursing these men with her dying breaths, and chose her for the embrace. Her first act as a newly embraced Nosferatu was to go kill all the men in the families of the boys who attacked her. She was quick to join the Circle of The Crone and began travelling around Europe through most of her life. In Paris during the height of Bohemia, and Berlin during the fall of the Berlin Wall. She came to Victoria ten years ago, slowly establishing herself with the covenant and rising to the position of Hierophant before overthrowing the Prince of Melbourne and taking her place.

Recent History[edit]


  • APR - Blair, after years of unrest in the city, declares war upon the Invictus Prince, Lillian Grange, and overthrows her. Banishing her from the city and taking her place as Prince of Melbourne.


  • Moryen [missing, torpor]
    • (Other Childer Available)
    • Lamia


  • She chainsawed a man to death during the takeover of Melbourne
  • Is a Strix!!

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

OOC Information[edit]

Member Information
Player: NPC
Number: NPC
Domain: Melbourne