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Personal Information[edit]

DJ WhiZzard is a wolfblooded that smokes a lot of pot and buys his weed from Viktor Petrov of Clan Petrov. He has filled in at the Boire location in St. Louis as a DJ.


Apparently in his early 20s, usually wearing an outlandish wizard hat and robes. Drives a VW Van with a mural painted on the side of a wizard on holding a wizard staff of Miller High Life cans duct taped together and a wand that looks like a giant blunt. The rest of the van has various colors of smoke painted on it. There is a small bed in the back of the van.


Mortal World[edit]

Lives in Beverly Hills in St. Louis


DJ WhiZzard, "The Green Gandalf", "The Wheez", "The Deej"

Information Known by Forsaken Society[edit]


  • 1994 - Born
  • 2012 - Graduates High School (barely)
  • 2015 - Starts to DJ around St. Louis. Experiences minor success.
  • 2017 - Begins to DJ at Boire off and on.

Recent History[edit]


  • AUG - Shaper contacts DJ WhiZzard to cover Lollipop Rave night at Boire.


Quotes By[edit]


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Quotes About[edit]


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  • He thinks Amy Kim is a Narc and hides his "paraphernalia" around her
  • May write music
  • Lives in his van
  • Associated with a Thaddeus Williams

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

OOC Information[edit]

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