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Delia Pride
Concept: Recovering party girl
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Auspice: Rahu
City: Saint Louis
Lodge: none
Pack: Tower Grove
Spirit Rank Template:Dots
Cunning Template:Dots
Glory Template:Dots
Honor Template:Dots
Purity Template:Dots
Wisdom Template:Dots
Player: [mailto: ]
Storyteller: [mailto: Saint Louis VST]

Personal Information[edit]

Delia Antonia Pride


Delia is 6ft even, with medium olive skin. She has a stereo typically large bust, and wide hips, with a smallish waist (probably from all the corsets), is muscled like a dancer, and has long proportions. She usually wears her wild curls down, or in a braid, and is almost always wearing a corset and leather pants.


Delia is a flirtatious party girl, who seems to be very comfortable with her body. She is friendly, and seems helpful, if not a tad nosy. She also seems to have a quick temper.

Known by Mortal Society[edit]

  • Delia is taking classes at the Saint Louis Bartending School, over in Maryland Heights, Missouri. She is also seen riding a motorcycle. She is also seen working the bar at Boire regularly.
  • Rides a black 1989 harley-davidson flhtc electra glide classic during warm weather
Information Known by Supnat Society[edit]
  • New to town, stayed at the hotel, then moved out. Also seen helping out at Boire.


  • Voice of the Alphas
  • Beta of Tower Grove Sentinels
  • Fire Lily, Night dancer


  • 1970 - Details
  • 1980 - Details
  • 1990 - Born in 1993
  • 2000 - Her father goes missing in 2003, her father is declared legally dead in 2005, First change in 2007
  • 2010 - 2011 Delia graduates high school, and gets married
  • 2013 - Delia loses her husband to a rival group of weres

Recent Events[edit]

  • Sept 2017 - Seen helping out at Boire.
  • Feb. 6, 2018. Died.


Quotes By[edit]

"You need a thong" - To Amri, while helping her pick out clothes for her reception.

Quotes About[edit]

"Shall we visit the Underwold Serce Wilka?" - Plague


"Quote" - reference


  • She dances at DeeDee's under the name Fire Lilly.

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OOC Information[edit]

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