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Formerly the Ellis-Fischel Cancer Center, this structure was purchased by the University of Missouri in 1990. Gradually, patient services were relocated to the core MU Hospital, and the building began acting as overflow for various university departments in 2010.

In 2016, MU entered into a long-term lease arrangement with a "government entity"; the precise details are classified. Black vans began operating out of the copious loading docks at the building's rear, security was ramped up to state-of-the-art levels, and it didn't take long for the local supernatural community to realize that this was now the headquarters for a major hunter organization.

In 2018 there was an 'incident' in the building, with numerous casualties, a great deal of damage to the building, and a massive coverup. The official "rumor" is that there was an animal-testing lab there that suffered a break-in by activists. Animals were freed but rampaged, scientists and civilians were killed, and the whole mess was covered up with the official "story" of a break-in and vandalism. The building has been closed for renovations and the hunters are no longer there. A large empty building, especially one with such an angry, violent past, rarely stays completely empty in the World of Darkness.