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Personal Information[edit]

Emiliano Vega was a very bad man who was talented craftsman. Whom, had a bad temper, which got him in trouble frequently. Until, one day, he killed the nephew, of a bruja in the neighborhood. She cursed him with the weight of his sins. And, the next time he did a bad act, the jaws of the curse struck. An old ghost, rose a up and possessed him. This old ghost a St. Louis beat cop, Tormey McNamara , killed in 1888, now balances him and channels his violent impulses towards better ends.


Pretty quiet, for the most part. He will sometimes have conversations with himself. And, sometimes it's almost if he is dual-natured.

Mortal World[edit]

A very mixed outlook. People, personally,either like him or hate him. He has spent a lot of time making up for his past sins. So, there is a warming attitude. He lives in a new neighborhood, so there is not as much baggage from his past.


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Recent History[edit]

Has tried to restart his life and be a better man. Mr. Hunter is making arrangements to have space with Shaper to do so.


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Quotes By[edit]

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  • A bruja is very interested in seeing what happens with him.
  • He's talented, erratic, but talented
  • His family thinks he is dead.

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