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Fletcher "Fetch" Gwybod Dubeau

Personal Information[edit]


Fetch is 5'8" and approx. 185 pounds, brown average hair, sometimes scruffy, sometimes shaved. He usually is seen in worn jeans, boots, solid colored tee shirt, and a hoodie. His only real distinguishing feature are his eyes, a bright glittering shade of blue that often appears aquamarine.


Fetch is a bit abrupt and rude, with a sharp wit. He has little patience for ignorance.

Mortal World[edit]

  • Appears to be a somewhat rough around the edges man who does odd jobs for an occasional burger, or a bit of change. Always walking or using a bicycle. Lived deep south in Louisiana with his foster parents, who were into voudun before they were killed.

Night Congress World[edit]

  • Seen all over making deliveries, and selling information gathered on the streets. Smells and appears human, in his 30's.


  • 1980 - Born in the 80's, or so he claims, in southern Spain.
  • 1990 - Parents committed suicide after the death of his sister, and was adopted by American's from Louisiana. Lived with his adoptive parents for four years before they died in a car accident that he was somehow the sole survivor of. They had no extended family, and he ended up in some bad foster homes.
  • 1998 - at 18 left the foster care system, and spent time working in the swamps of Louisiana, around New Orleans
  • 2000 - Bummed around America
  • 2010 - Bummed around America
  • 2016 - Relocated to the midwest, and decided to stay in the area for awhile

Recent History[edit]


  • JUL - Seen at Boire and around town making deliveries.
  • AUG - Seen at the Soulard Market, and downtown at a business that is under construction
  • SEP - Hit on the wrong woman outside a local hospital and beat up by her boyfriend.
  • OCT - Working hard to reestablish street contacts, and build up delivery business. Works sometimes at Hoax.
  • NOV - Working hard to reestablish street contacts, and build up delivery business. Works sometimes at Hoax.
  • DEC - TBA


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