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Little Wolf
Concept: Concept
Tribe: Storm Lords
Auspice: Cahalith
City: St. Louis
Lodge: none
Pack: none
Spirit Rank --
Cunning --
Glory ••
Honor ••
Purity ••
Wisdom --
Player: Joe Smirl
Storyteller: St. Louis VST
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Personal Information[edit]


  • 71 in tall. Dark brown hair and eyes. 200lbs of ripped muscles.


  • Southern gentleman with a racist streak for vampires


  • His brands burn a bright gold stronger than the rest around his mouth. One on the left reads Little Wolf the Catastrophe, and the one on the Right, Defeater of His Superiors. (Glory)
  • His brands a white pure color three appear around his right eye, OathKeeper the Young (top), Silencer of Sight (Right), and He Who Plays With Fire (under). (Purity)
  • His brand almost the color of iron around his left eye, one over his left eye scar that says Honest to Death, and another his left cheek scar that says Restrictor the Fair. (Honor)
Information Known by Forsaken Society[edit]
  • He is known as Little Wolf for the diminutive stature of his wolf form.
  • He is a well known storm caller for his ability to inspire great feats and hunts.
Information Known by Mortal Society[edit]


  • 1980 - November 18th born
  • 2004 - First Change
  • 2004 to 2017 - tenure in the River Dogs Pack
  • 2017 - December moved into St. Louis
  • 2018 - January joined Tower Grove Sentinels, Helped save many lives during Snowmageden
  • 2018 - February None
  • 2018 - March After the Death of Gateway was the messenger between packs
  • 2018 - April Joined House Minamoto, Pissed off the pure at Forest park, Took Brit under his wing, Took Japanese lessons, Left the carnival very pissed off, Pack hunted a Claimed
  • 2018 - May Killed large vegetable beast.
  • 2018 - June nothing really special
  • 2018 - July helped burn a thing.
  • 2018 - August Weremoot, Brit got Pregnant, helped kill a thing the waggly fingers know about (questions for later), Helped getting Brit outta the Brig in some weird ghost ship.

Recent Events[edit]


Quotes By[edit]

"That's why they call you little wolf" - Many people, you are all horrible

"Mr. Harvey once had me in his special room for an entire week..."

Quotes About[edit]

"Quote" - reference


"Quote" - reference


  • Is said to be the daddy of Brit's baby

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • Thunder - Imagine Dragons
  • Calvin Candie - Django Unchained
  • Psychosocial - (SlipKnot) Banjo Cover ft. Leo Moracchioli
  • The Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks

OOC Information[edit]

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Joseph Smirl]
Number: GWB2014042404
Domain: Forsaken