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Personal Information[edit]


To be as heavyset as he is, Jim is a very quick man. He works as a bail enforcement agent so he has to be quick. Often seen wearing black. Scruffy facial hair, with generally shaved head to hide his premature balding.


Fairly nervous, though it's hard to tell that just from looking. He tries to be nice but often comes off as being insincere without meaning to. A bit of an asshole at times, but he's earned that right. You don't survive what he has and come out the other side clean.



  • 1992 - Born
  • 1998 - Abducted
  • 2012 - Escapes captivity
  • 2013 - Homeless
  • 2015 - Meets now wife
  • 2016 - Started Honeycutt BB

Recent Events[edit]

  • Late 2016- Finds his father


Quotes By[edit]

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Quotes About[edit]

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  • "Did you even look for me?" - Jim Honeycutt
  • "I thought you were dead!" - Sparks
  • "Well, that's a fine looking high horse!" - Jim Honeycutt

  • "I'm glad you're not dead." - Drunken Sparks
  • "Yeah, I'm glad you're OK too...Pops." Sober Honeycutt


  • At one point hunted his own kind for fun
  • Beat the man who shot him in the head to death with his own gun, immediately after being shot

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OOC Information[edit]

Member Information
Player: James Manning
Number: GWB2016010024
Domain: Ames