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Personal Information[edit]


See photo. Usually dresses more down to earth in working clothing though.


Tries really hard to live up to his last name but is easily pressed. Has the attitude that he's a pretty overlookable guy and when paid a little attention he starts to question why.

Mortal World[edit]

Works for the parks and rec department for Saint Louis. He takes care of plants, mows, plants things, etc.

Supnat World[edit]

A member of the void. Talks to plants. Seems to maybe get something from them.


Recent History[edit]

  • Kidnapped at the same time (June, 18) that Stacy Oir was, by the same gang, and left in a different location. No one seems to know why he was targeted, but perhaps it was just a target of opportunity, he was taken close to where Stacy was.


Quotes By[edit]


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Quotes About[edit]


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Person 1 - "quote."
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Person 1 - "quote."
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  • When Joe talks to plants, the plants talk back.

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OOC Information[edit]

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