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Personal Information[edit]

Kathy Macánta


Kathy is a diminutive old lady, everyone's grandmother. Small, white tight curled hair.


Mortal World[edit]


  • -to 2017 history unknown

Recent History[edit]

  • Seen in Hotel Saint Jude, wandering the halls. Often with a fresh batch of cookies. Seems to always have your favorite with her.


  • JUL - First appeared in Hotel Saint Jude, helped to her rooms by Shaper when the hotel briefly experienced issues with the elevators and door locks.
  • AUG - Continued to be seen about the hotel, dispensing a grandmotherly attitude and cookies.


Quotes By[edit]


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Quotes About[edit]


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  • She always has your favorite cookie with her, no matter what kind it is.
  • Her cookies are sinfully good.

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