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Founded: August 13th, 2016

Composed of much of St. Louis' Mystagogue population, LUPERCAL ULTIMATUM was originally founded to investigate and secure one of the larger (at least physically) Mysteries in St. Louis, a massive limestone cavern containing a seemingly endless library. While not a risk to Sleepers in and of itself, a group of seemingly unkillable guardians pose a danger to any explorers, accidental or otherwise. As Mysterium influence expanded, LUPERCAL ULTIMATUM's mandate expanded to include the protection of the local Athenaeum, held in the cabal's Sanctum above the cave network.

LUPERCAL ULTIMATUM includes some of the most powerful Mages in St. Louis, and includes in its ranks two Counselors (one the current Hierarch of St. Louis) and the Provost of a third.


Lupercal: A warehouse in downtown St. Louis. Protected by the Space magic of the cabal's numerous Warlocks, it is extremely difficult to enter without the permission, let alone knowledge, of its residents. The rather spacious interior is mostly devoted to storage of various objects both magical and mundane, as well as the extensive libraries of the cabal members. The upper floors contain living quarters for Mystagogues, with a dozen rooms set aside for local members as well as visitors from foreign Caucuses.

The basement sits atop a series of limestone caverns, leading to the cthonic library. These are sealed off with a heavy iron door, numerous locks, and their own set of wards, all in an effort to make sure that nothing manages to creep out of the Mystery below. Access to the library is limited to those with the explicit permission of the Curator.



  • The Laundry
  • The SCP Foundation