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Leon Beoulve
Concept: Cajun Seducer
Clan: Mekhet --
Covenant: None --
City: St. Louis
Title: No title
Sire: No known
Bloodline: ??? for now
Group: Lineage/House/Coterie
Embraced: Not fully embraced
Player: NPC
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information[edit]


  • Leon used to wear glasses when he was a mortal, but after the transition he keeps them cause he liked the look of them. Long dark hair, strong chin, usually has scars all over her torso. Facial hair, but it always looks really trimmed. Usually wears nice clothes, mostly button up shirts and slacks.


  • He is always very polite, even when acting out. Beautiful women always catch his eyes. He stays as proper as he can in front of you, but he always appears to be planning something.

Mortal World[edit]

  • During college he was working in a bar to cover expenses. He never fully graduated, but he was majoring in management and minoring in accounting. His last night he was walking home from a late night and ended up in the wrong place.

Information Known by Kindred Society[edit]


  • 1993 - Leon and his twin sister (Rosella) were born to a loving family in Natchitoches, Louisiana
  • 2000 - Him and his sister started kindergarten.
  • 2012 - Graduated High School, higher than average grades, but his sister was top in her class. She usually did what she could to help him.
  • 2013 - Started college, majoring in Business and Accounting, working in a bar to make ends meet and alleviate the costs of college to his parents.
  • 2018 - In March, he was walking home from his late job and took a wrong turn for the worse. A blonde vampire lashed out heavily and ended his life, but never finished him off.

Recent History[edit]


  • MAR - Revived as a Revenant, no known sire.
  • MAR - Other Revenants in the city without sires have gathered together and found him in the process.
  • AUG - He finally made himself known to the current supernatural world by finding his way to Boire
  • SEP - He got a job at The PDT helping Frank on opening night. He has a fling with Vic


Known Sire[edit]

  • No known sires.

Known Siblings[edit]

  • Rosella - his twin sister (she is human)

Known Childer[edit]

Known Grand-childer[edit]


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