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Personal Information[edit]




Information Known by Forsaken Society[edit]


  • 1993 - Born in the woods around Metarie
  • 2000 - Works hard in school
  • 2010 - Experiences first change
  • 2010 - Marries Suzie
  • 2011 - Their first son Jean is born
  • 2012 - Their second son Pierre is born
  • 2013 - The pure start attacking his pack
  • 2016 - Marcus, his brother, and Suzie's brother go to stand up to the pure. Marcus loses his brother but the pure leave the pack alone. Marcus and his brother-in-law mediate with the pack, mutual split is agreed upon.
  • 2017 - Marcus and family buy and move to a house in a rural part of Missouri north of St. Louis

Recent Events[edit]

January 2018 - Joined TGS


Quotes By[edit]

"Well, city streets full of corpses...a half dead little wolf...shit were we wrong about the rapture?" - To Delia in regards to the Harvey Snowmageddon 2017

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