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Personal Information[edit]

Marvin Alastair is a quiet man, and one you certainly do not want to cross.


Alastair is an older looking man. His hair is full and silver. He is in great shape, and can keep up with most perps if he ever needs to chase them down.


He is brisk, and doesn't tolerate fools well.

Mortal World[edit]

  • Deputy Inspector Marvin Alastair is a DI for the STL PD. He has been seen drinking of all things, tea, in public. He also jogs, and lives in a penthouse somewhere in town.


  • 1995-current- With the Saint Louis Police.

Recent History[edit]

  • In charge of the Mayor's Supernatural Task Force, tasked with both hiding supernatural events, and keeping the local populace under control.


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  • Head of the mayor's supernatural task force.

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