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Coffeshop ran by Casey Saunders....

The Hope Kitchen is not officially listed as a entity, but it serves three simple, hot meals a day despite its unofficial status. The dining room hasn't been repainted in a long time, and there are previous signs of water damage in the ceiling tiles and down the walls. Folding tables and chairs are neatly lined up, and the entire place is clean. A door off that room leads into the smallish galley kitchen, which is clean if outdated.

Only supernatural beings can see the door out of the kitchen, which leads to the coffee house. Similarly, the exterior door from the coffee shop to the alley can only be seen by the supernatural. The "coffee shop" has a counter but no till, and the only money in sight is a tip jar. The furniture is all thrift store specials, mismatched but clean, and placed in a rough circle facing the center of the room.

There is always someone in the coffee shop during regular hours of 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Casey is young, blonde, and outgoing, with a quick smile (or smirk, according to some) and friendly nature -- to a point. She gets unfriendly really quickly when someone treats another customer poorly. Mona is brunette, quiet and Wolfblooded. Her features are unremarkable except for her eyes: one is green and the other is pale blue.