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Noor Al-Zahra

Personal Information[edit]


Noor is a middle eastern looking woman, 5'8" tall, with long dark hair and striking blue eyes. She's confident and has the gracefulness, proud stance and charm common to the native women of Andalusia, her place of birth. She speaks with a strong accent. When she's not amid work on the construction site of Hoax, she can be seen wearing floaty long dresses with seasonal prints and colors. Smells and appears human.


Despite her statuesque appearance, her welcoming nature expresses itself in her usual big, bright smile and outgoing attitude. Personable and approachable, she can also be passionate and fierce, especially when it comes to family matters.

Mortal World[edit]

  • Has been seen in recent weeks going in and out of a building under construction in the 700 block of First North Street, in St. Louis. Recently new signage went up, declaring the business name to be Hoax.

Night Congress World[edit]


  • 2017 - Arrived in St. Louis

Recent History[edit]


  • SEP - Seen at the Hoax construction site, at Boire and Hotel Saint Jude in the company of Fetch.


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OOC Information[edit]

  • Smokes in secret, but she can leave whenever she wants, or so she thinks.
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