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Richetta Massaro
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Gangrel ••
Covenant: Invictus ••
City: Ames •••••
Title: Prince
Sire: Vincente Di Vecchio
Bloodline: Kerberos
Embraced: 12/25/1947
Player: Coriann Westvold
Storyteller: Ames VST

Personal Information[edit]


Upon first glance one sees that Richetta Massaro is a moneyed individual. Always dressed her best and never seen in anything less than the finest Italian designers, she is an intimidating sight to behold. Any aristocrat could easily peg her as Old Money. She maintains the appearance quite deftly, while still embracing her (let's say "flamboyant") Jersey Girl flare. She is polished at all times from her Sergio Valente hair, to her Louis Vuitton toes.

She is of average height and build with firey hair that changes subtly with the seasons. It's reddish-brownish-blondish yet somehow always fitting to her tightly-reigned, and thinly-veiled temper.


The Jersey Girl accent and look is a carefully maintained mask over her original identity. Granted, these are personality traits that she chose to take on over ninety-five years ago, so they are probably safely described as 'nature' now, as opposed to 'second nature'.

Although at first glance she appears spoiled and privileged, Richetta's history proves her to be far from it. Like any attentive Italian mother she is protective, shrewd, cautious, calculating, and always prefers the long game. She has an knack for finance, investment, and social structure. Doubtless, these traits are due to her challenging mortal life and determined immortal existence. She is confident, brazen, and unabashedly charming when pursuing her goals; and ruthless when crusading.

Her family, and The Family are the two most important things to her. To anyone who knows her beyond acquaintance, this is obvious. Vampiric society is a close third, as it merely helps solidify what she can provide for her progeny.

Mortal World[edit]

Among mortals, Massaro is a known, respected, if not slightly feared name. Richetta herself is a savvy Financial Investor and Business Consultant. Her husband and ghoul Victor, is the presumed head of The Familia Massaro in New Jersey. His is the face that mortals fear. He is the one that mortal law enforcement both works with, and despises. To all supernaturals (and a few very insightful mortals) however, it is plain to see that he is merely the beard of the boss. Richetta Massaro has ruled the mobs of New Jersey for decades, which would explain their organization, stability, and placidity since the 1950s. Her three sons (also ghouled until prepared for the embrace) are well-known figureheads within the mob. They are the Hands of the internal law. There are rules to functioning inside The Family, and her boys enforce them.

To mortal society, the Massaro Family is an odd amalgamation of matriarchal rule among patriarchal pride. The Massaro boys are vigorous, but not the sharpest tacks in the box. Each generation needs a strong woman to reign them in. When the family is blessed with a girl (which is rare) She is given her mother's names and is raised to carry them flawlessly. When a generation lacks a natural born female, wives are chosen VERY carefully, and specifically trained. Or at least this is what the public has been lead to believe for the past century.

In earnest, Richetta Massaro has played the part of herself, her mother, and her grandmother. She was orphaned as a mortal child. After bouncing around between homes and facilities until the age of 16 she landed in a boisterous, overcrowded, Italian home. A poor young man named Vic stole her heart and worked relentlessly to provide a future. She joined the Army at the age of 17, and eventually wound up a nurse in France in 1944. It was there that she met her would-be Sire. An Italian by birth, Invitus by embrace, who saw in her a sharp and clever addition to the First Estate. Several years later when the war was over, the small, modest but thriving Massaro family of New Jersey got to meet their Italian "uncle" for Christmas. His visit was planned, his gift was everlasting, and his blood would help Richetta and her husband create an empire for their children. As well as bring balance and stability to a suffering post-war underworld.

Information Known by Kindred Society[edit]


  • 1947 - Debutante of the Kerberos, Richetta Massaro emerges as a full member of Kindred Society having been trained and released from her Sire in record time.
  • 1949 - Richetta warms up to her place in Immortal Society as she gains control of the Mortal Underworld of the Upper East Coast, US.
  • 1950-2000 - Richetta serves in various minor offices over the years for both the Invictus and the Gangrel.
  • 2015 - Richetta applies and is accepted as a Settler in the Iowa Territory Land Grab, establishing a small but strict personal territory in the center of the State/City.
  • 2016 - Richetta is voted in as the Prince of the City Between Two Rivers. Her territories expand as she is bequeathed two more small pockets in the Northeast section of the state by other City members upon their leave.

Recent History[edit]


  • JAN - Richetta has kept the peace after facilitating cooperative contact between members of her City and other Supernaturals (rumored to be Werewolves).
  • FEB - It is revealed that beneath the City lies a supernatural prison housing ancient vampiric criminals that the previous Praxis kept secret before handing the City over to the Settlers. It becomes known that Richetta has been working tirelessly for months with a local Nosferatu (unidentified in current Kindred records, known simply as The Caretaker), to safely empty out the prison case by case. She was 20 or so cells from completion when a breakout occurred claiming many mortal lives. Richetta, her Sheriff, and a small task force immediately moved to rectify the situation. No breaches.
  • MAR - Details
  • APR - Details
  • MAY - Details
  • JUN - Details
  • JUL - Details


Known Sire[edit]

Vincente Di Vecchio - Gangrel, Kerberos, Invictus.

Known Siblings[edit]

Known Childer[edit]

Known Grand-childer[edit]


Quotes By[edit]

In reference to 'The Governor' - "Everybody thinks he's dead, but all you found was a pile of ashes. Call me crazy if you want but I've seen this shit before! That man was performin' magic tricks with MORE THAN ONE DECK UH CARDS if you know what I'm sayin'!... They all knew damn well what they were doin'. Just'chu wait. We ain't seen the last uh him... or his Family."

Quotes About[edit]


".. That's MRS. Richetta Maria Carmella Francesca Massaro." *firm handshake*

"CHERYLL!!! Who the hell is this kid?... Listen, David is it?... I don't care if you're only using the fucking parking lot! You ALWAYS book the ENTIRE VENUE! It doesn't matter that you don't need the east ballroom! Now some low-rent wedding is gonna to jump in there on a discount and when your CEO gets up to give her speech, you're gonna have the FUCKIN' MACARENA COMIN' THROUGH THE WALLS!!... Lose him, Cheryll. I'm sorry kid, you ain't cut out for the cut-throat world of Event Planning."


  • Apparently Richetta has been much more busy than assumed by the Kindred public, working to quietly remove a highly dangerous mess left behind by the previous Praxis.
  • It seems that for some inexplicable reason Richetta is much more bold than most other Kindred when dealing with other Supernaturals.

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • Run From Me by: Timber Timbre
  • The Best is Yet to Come by: Frank Sinatra
  • The infamous Familia Massaro, Raccoon Mafia of the 2011 Ames Forsaken Game.

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