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Samuel Gray
Concept: Family protector
Clan: Mekhet •••
Covenant: Ordo Dracul/Invictus Template:2/3dots
City: Austin •••••
Title: Prince
Sire: Samuel Ba
Bloodline: Khaibit
Group: House of Ba
Embraced: 1805
Player: Matthew M.
Storyteller: Austin VST

Personal Information[edit]


Often dressed in dark clothes, boots, and typically has his hair pulled back. When dealing with business you can see him wielding a long knife with Egyptian markings


He is usually silent until asked a question or spoken to directly. After becoming Prince, his tone has become harsher and he brooks no disrespect.

Mortal World[edit]

Samuel is mostly unknown to the mortal world. He has accounts, holdings, and people who work for him, but almost none do so directly

Information Known by Kindred Society[edit]

He is a member of both the Ordo Dracul and the Invictus

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==== Recent History ==== WIP

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House of Ba

Known Sire[edit]


Known Siblings[edit]

  • None

Known Childer[edit]


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OOC Information[edit]

Member Information
Player: Matthew M.
Number: GWB2018082004
Domain: Austin