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Mostly due to the incredible and unexpected growth of the game, we've decided to make a masterlist for all of the various NPCs and their average weekly schedules. We also figured that having it on the wiki might make you people actually use it!


Here the publicly known NPCs that more or less align themselves with the PCs and the Night Congress.

Character Type Info
Emily Bradshaw Mage MIA for months, assumed to be either dead, or alive and somewhere.
Schwertz Mage Forest Park if it's a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday--wandering the streets of STL otherwise. At night, sits outside the Fox.
Old Teddy Mage Keeps odd hours, per the whims of the state.
Clan Petrov Werewolves Russian Pack, with territory around Boire, ex-circus performers. Most of the men and women have strong resemblance to Boris, some are bouncers, some ended up with various jobs across town.
Boris Werewolf Boire's main bouncer, Alpha of Clan Petrov, Might be a bear, might just be a wolf.
DJ WhiZzard Wolfblooded Stoner Wolfblooded DJ. Often spins at Boire.
Belyy-vne & Sons Unknown something Cleaning and Restoration Services LLC. Specializes in discrete sanitation and clean up, seems to work at night a lot.
Sarah Vampire Sole Owner and Proprietor of Fire Reigns, premier art studio in town.
The Suzans Void A group of dancers under contract for most nights at Boire.
Billy Changeling The youngest of three brothers working at Boire, he's often the primary bartender.
Angelica Murphy Void Human plus, surgeon at Barnes Jewish.
Joe Normal Void Talks to plants. A few people have reported the plants responding--in English.
Mr. Cratchett Unknown something a leather worker. Runs an upholstery store in Kirkwood.
Bobby Todd Unknown something Usually seen walking the streets of downtime STL, spouting random nonsense.
Noor Changeling Employee of the owners of the business Hoax.
Jalan Void Hippie, and tea master
Mayor Pamela Winchester Unknown something no one knows for sure what she is, other than really bloodthirsty and sharp as a tack. Street rumors have her compared to Anansi the Spider, an African trickster god
President of the Board of Alderman Vanilla Human XXXX
Deputy Inspector Marvin Alastair Void Head of the Supernatural Task Force, and STL PD.
Greg Vanilla Human Police Officer for St. Louis
Tristan d’Argent Vampire Was once Invictus, an escapee from the prison in Iowa ( ), now a member of the night congress....
Decuma Suditsky Vampire Old Crone
Ameer Ahmadi Beast Can be found out drinking somewhere every now and then.
Tiberius Johnson Beast Void elder, Impeccably dressed, older, old money.
Jane Winters Void Void elder unknown variety, middle aged, older, old money.
Sophia Winters Void Jane Winter's daughter, type unknown, but most likely human+
Fred Bird Spirit Elder, under the Voice of Alphas
Erasmus Winfield Void Void elder, human+
Heydar Void "cat", compatriot of Erasmus
Fetch Void Lucky Self made street man and delivery boy for the supernatural
Marie Shelli Void Promethian Void elder.


Here the publicly known NPCs aren't alligned with the PCs and the Night Congress.

Character Type Info
Apollite Pack Werewolf Sun-worshiping weirdos
Augustus Reigns vampire A previous Prince. Is a Browns fan.
Peter Stevens something unknown Forensics specialist and crime scene cleaner for the STLPD
Romulus Who Howls at the Moon Werewolf An old, powerful Uratha. Claims to have 'led the war against the west.' Which west, though? Was part of The Senate.
The A.T.B. something unknown Ancient Terrible Beasty. Summoned in season 1, last time seen, was slumbering below STL
Sisters/Daughters of Rome/Senate Mages Group Turns out Stacy, Taranis, Cassandra, and a couple of others were these guys.
Mr. Crimson something unknown No public details have been corroborated. Assumed to have assisted in the ritual on July 8th, 2017. Not protected as a citizen under the Night Congress.
Remus Bradshaw Mage Mage, Mad, Emily Bradshaw's grandfather. Was part of The Senate. Thought to have been Killed after an altercation near the Hotel Saint Jude.
L vampire not much is known at this time.
Status Unknown[edit]
Met Final Death[edit]
  • Brutus -- Killed by Lucian, which resulted in Cleo's tomb opening.
  • Commodus of the Purple -- Vampire, once leader of the Sons of Rome. After the debacle on July 8th, attempted to assassinate Caligula in pursuance to total control over the criminal underworld of St. Louis. Caligula removed his head.
  • Malakai -- Vampire, cause of Final Death unknown.
  • Wotcher -- Mage, Worked as a Volunteer Firemen, Gruesomely killed by Remus Bradshaw.
  • Commodus of the Purple's Guard Dog' -- May or may not be Uratha, current status unknown. Was part of The Senate.
  • Frost -- Former Beta of Tower Grove Sentinels. Equally large, but painfully Russian, cause of Final Death unknown.
  • Caligula -- former Voice of the Blood, and Prince. Met Final Death after leaving the mage gathering in Oct. 2017.
  • Alexei Petrov -- Petrov clan beta, met Final Death Oct. 2017.
  • Pyotr Petrov -- Petrov clan beta, met Final Death Oct. 2017.
  • Cassandra - was part of The Senate, met Final Death Oct. 2017.
  • Maxime-- Invictus agent and friend of the deceased Malakai, Younger brother, suave, sort of a Merovingian-style guy. Much better at English, met Final Death Oct. 2017.
  • Sofia Rossi -- Was a hero, and the nightshift librarian at a public library, met final death in a gush, fall 2017.
  • Pavise -- Daylighted as a STL City Police Officer, cause of death listed as odd undetermined circumstances.
  • Tower Grove Sentinels -- some pack killed, in 4/2018
  • Henri -- 4/2018
  • Clio -- 7/2018
  • Pankrati