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Concept: Concept
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium
Consilium: St. Louis
Legacy None
Cabal: None
Player: [mailto: ]
Storyteller: [mailto: St. Louis VST]

Personal Information[edit]

Sylos' awakening was a slow processes. He spent most of his time in college hearing muffled voices but chalking it up to the hectic life of New York. It wasn't until he graduated that the voices became clear and told him to go north and traveled till he found himself in the Canadian wilderness. It was there that he was transported to the primal wilds were he lived fighting for survival and first saw spirits. He doesn't remember most of it only the emotions he felt there and sometimes he wishes he could go back. The first real memory he has after his awakening is being back in the woods surrounded by blood and body parts and a white fox telling him it was time to go. Since then Sylos has worked at the St. Louis zoo as a vet while also being a shaman for the spirits of the city as he tries to find a balance between nature and the city he's come to call home.


Sylos is 5'10 and slim with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He tends to wear simple clothes only dressing up when it is necessary. He is almost always accompanied by his familiar Ana but her appearance can change wildly depending on her mood. She'll either appear as a white fox often standing behind Sylos watching the people walk by or she'll appear as a woman with long white hair and yellow eyes that loves to talk and who's fashion sense varies wildly depending on the occasion and has a tendency to say what Sylos is thinking.


The air starts to smell like a forest and spirits start to become visible.


Sylos tends to keep his emotions in check showing little one way or the other only snapping out in extreme cases.

  • Ana
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Mordin's shenanigans
  • Animal cruelty
  • Those who disrespect the spirits or those in his order
  • Mordin's shenanigans
  • Veterinarian
  • Spirit Magic
  • Being stuck in an awkward situation cause Mordin noped out threw a wall.
  • Creepy dolls
  • Finding ways to annoy Mordin
  • Wandering Forest Park
  • Talking to Spirits.


He who heals- given after aiding the Lunes with corrupted spirits.

Information Known by Awakened Society[edit]


  • 2018- Sylos arrives in St.louis and begins to find out all he can about the spirits living there while working as a vet in the zoo.
  • 2019 early summer- Sylos aids the spirits and removes the corrupted spirits from the lunes.
  • 2019 August- Sylos captures the apolites sun totem keeping the wolves from sacrificing humans to the spirit.

Recent Events[edit]

  • 2019 September- Sylos achieves mastery of the spirit arcanum
  • 2019 August- Sylos aids the night congress in a man hunt and inadvertently creates a new spirit that took the form of a former member and now is his newest familiar.


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