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Personal Information[edit]


Teagan is just a touch over five feet tall if she stretches and has short wavy black hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin. She looks to be in her late teens or early twenties. She generally wears Wal-Mart sourced tee-shirts and jeans/pants. She dresses to blend in, not stand out; in colder or cooler weather she’ll wear a hoodie.


She's generally friendly and when she's selling her minions she's the perfect mix of extrovert and unthreatening. When not "on" she's far more quiet and observant. She starts easily and has a few nervous ticks and habits like checking the exits of crowded rooms and sitting where she can see the doors that hint to something not so pleasant in her past.

Mortal World[edit]

Sells her Marvelous Mechanical Minions and lives/works at ShaperSpace. She has no family nor much of a social life outside of the connections she has made at ShaperSpace or the brief connections she has made while out an about with her minions.

Night Congress World[edit]

Teagan is known to Harvey and sworn to the Void. She has been in the VIP lounge at Boire but otherwise has yet to really interact with the Night Congress.


  • 2016 - Is accused of murdering several people, including her parents, in Alabama
  • 2017 - Shows in St. Louis with her lawyer from Alabama and is introduced to the Night Congress
  • 2018 - Is acquitted of murders in Alabama, starts selling minions in St. Louis

Recent History[edit]

She has been seen around the city selling her minions. After the hurricane in September and the subsequent loss of her home (well, the home she was squatting in), she has moved into ShaperSpace.


"OMG, those are so cute!" - pretty much everyone, about her minions


  • Doesn't like the idea of attaching weapons to her robots.
  • Scares easy

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

OOC Information[edit]

Member Information
Player: Khris Webb
Number: SNA2007049723
Domain: St. Louis