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Most are large, but really, is that a surprise? The Tower Grove Sentinels keep an active lifestyle. They favor sportswear and activewear with a tendency towards track suits and gym wear.


The general feel of the pack is taciturn. They often look to Strider or Delia before speaking outside of the pack.

Mortal World[edit]

There is an apartment building on their territory that most of them live in. To the mortal world they just seem like active joggers. They are part of the neighborhood watch.

Known to the night congress[edit]

By and large, they don't have day jobs. If you wander Tower Groves, one of them will probably run into you eventually. Pack member Frost (large and Russian), the forrmer Beta of Tower Grove Sentinels, is no longer among the living, cause of Final Death unknown.


Pack Members[edit]

Character Tribe Auspice Lodge Pack
Strider Blood Talon Rahu Lodge of the Shield Tower Grove Sentinels
Delia Pride Bone Shadows Rahu Screaming Moon Banshees Tower Grove Sentinels
Iron Claw Hunter in Darkness Rahu None Tower Grove Sentinels
Spark Iron Master Ithaeur Lodge of Wires Tower Grove Sentinels
Mark Iron Master Elodoth None Tower Grove Sentinels
Marcus Armand Blood Talons Elodoth Tower Grove Sentinels
Matt Storm Lord Cahalith None Tower Grove Sentinels
Geoff Ghost Wolf Rahu None Tower Grove Sentinels

The Tower Grove Sentinels currently include:

Name Picture Pack Position Description
Strider Alpha Best described as the "Swedish Murder Mountain." "Alphadad"
Delia Pride Beta Deceased.
Iron Claw Enforcer Broody McBroodster
Spark Ithaeur Former Member of Vengeance of Aegis. Left the pack to join the Tower Grove Sentinels with Mark.
Mark Elodoth Saved by Shaper from The Pure during his first change. Left protective custody with Spark to join the Tower Grove Sentinels.
Matt Cahalith
Geoff Omega Newly Turned


  • 2017 - Frost met his Final Death. Delia joined the pack as the Beta. Strider challenged the other werewolves of the city to deal with the Bee problem. In talks with Lucian and Shaper about the Temple of Apollo pack.


  • May be called 'the Track Suit Pack' behind their backs.

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Boons Owed and Boons Given[edit]


Quotes By[edit]

  • "The fucking track suits. I refuse to wear the fucking track suits!" - Delia Pride

Quotes About[edit]

"Make sure you send them a text if you'll be anywhere near Tower Grove. I send them a heads up if I'm at the Botanical Gardens or anywhere close to their territory. No doubt their spirits have already warned them and they're on a perimeter jog to kick your ass if you cross the territory line." - Shaper


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