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Keith “Bandit” Charles

Personal Information[edit]


Tall and lithe, Keith stands at six feet two inches. Frequently seen in a duster and bandanna with a long blonde ponytail coming out the back with mirror shades.


Overly friendly and helpful until strange men start making stupid sounds that hurt his head.

Mortal World[edit]

A gambler that is too good for his own safety known to carry several pistols to protect said safety.

Night Congress World[edit]

Has only met a few members of it so most don't know of him, and few know his true secret.


  • 1990 - Born in New Mexico
  • 2004 - Family moves to Granbury, Texas
  • 2005 - Should have died but survived a changed person
  • 2011 - Kicked out of a record number of casinos through the American Southwest
  • 2013 - Breaks several river boats along the southern half of the Mississippi
  • 2015 - Takes some time off and travels around
  • 2017 - Shows up in Missouri

Recent History[edit]


  • DEC - Starts frequenting Boire and meets Delia, Gadget, Bowman and others.


Quotes By[edit]

"Fucking seriously man. I swear to fuck." He says as his hand slips inside his duster

In regards to Bowman talking in High Speech:

Quotes About[edit]


- who said it.


Person 1 - "quote."
Person 2 - "quote."
Person 1 - "quote."
Person 2 - "quote."
- reference.


  • Has a pocket kitten

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