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Concept: The Necessary Monster
Seeming: Fairest CofD
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Autumn 3 --
City: St. Louis
Title: None
Motley: None
Born: Unknown
Player: Paul
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

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Personal Information[edit]

The character goes by Mallory, shortening the name to "Mal" frequently. He doesn't seem to use a surname, or doesn't tell anyone if he does have one. Has used the name "Arc" before when needing another name. The air carries a susurrus of hidden secrets in his presence, whispering in an otherworldly tongue that forever feels just out of reach, and golden-brown leaves have been seen shedding from the man before during Autumn.

Appearance (Mask)[edit]

Mal is an extremely tall man, a mane of black hair with greying often obscuring his features. Golden, feline eyes shimmer from behind the curtain, seeking out oddities and curiosities. His visible skin is fair and unflawed, and when truly agitated you may notice movements at the lower back of something moving. Clawed fingers and toes, sharpened teeth, the man has the intimidating air of a Fae nightmarish beauty in the flesh. He often covers himself with a heavy set of hooded robes that some may recognise as a Hedgespun garment.

Appearance (Mien)[edit]

The degree of Wyrd imbued within the man has twisted his features and whole body, contorting him into an older maine coon cat with the same greyed-black hair covering his body. The eyes, teeth and claws are just as visible, testament to his connection to the Wyrd slowly decomposing his Mask.


Mal can come in two flavours, healthy and undamaged, or mad and Clarity stricken. When healthy, the human comes to the fore and he seems... Strangely normal. When suffering from Clarity damage, Mal is known to be wild and let his Hunterheart nature out, wanting to prey upon others in strange and arcane ways. The cat is forever curious, spreading knowledge and absorbing it like a sponge. His philosophy when looking at the world is one of weary optimism, where he believes that for all the terrible things supernatural creatures may do, humans are the truest form of monster. His purpose in this monster-filled world is to be a hand of the Wyrd and Fate, guide them through the terror-filled nights to come.

Mortal World[edit]

Very little is known of Mal within the human world. He tends to cover up in public and not expose himself.

Information Known by Supnat Society[edit]

  • Is what some might call a Prophet or Dreamwalker.
  • Protects the dreams of Mortals, like a cat watches the mice.
  • When gifting, seems to be partial to giving high-quality cream.
  • Despite his initial demeanour being monstrous, believes he's helping others through his Fate guided actions.


  • 1851 - Born in the trading outpost now known as Cherepovets in Russia to a family and small community of hidden cultists, worshipping the Slavic pagan gods.
  • 1866 - Winter is cold and long in Cherepovets, Mal starts his first Durance after his family trade him for food to the True Fae known as the Likho. Becomes the Black Cat of Misfortune, his purpose is to steal away those who stray from the crossroads for the Likho.
  • 1870 - The Likho sends him to inflict his "luck" as an embodiment of the Likho amongst mortal cultists. The cultists, who were mortals with Circle of the Crone connections, meet their end when the Russian Orthodox Church hunters attack under orders of the Lancea et Sanctum. Mal is sentenced to burn and does so - but escaped from the pyre through a hastily made Gate. Lived in Russia for some time before emerging elsewhere for personal reasons.
  • 1890's to 1904 - Emerged from his wanderings as Ser Felix Wick in Sennen, England.
  • 1911 - Turkish-Italian war started, sparks Balkan war.
  • 1914-1918 - WW1 started. Felix stayed in Sennen as a Lord and watched over the people left behind from the war. Four years supporting the mortals, he grew tired and his destined role as Felix was coming to an end.
  • 1919 - A fake body of Felix is found between Sennen and London, a highway robbery gone wrong. Mal slips away into the Hedge, letting himself disappear and change his appearance.
  • 1919-1923 - Takes the new identity of Sasha Chorney, moves to Istanbul. Occupation of Istanbul occurred, worked at a coffee shop, the Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi. Continues to work and rebuild for over a decade here.
  • 1939 - World War 2 is called and the Sasha is conscripted to the Turkish army. Trained in the Turkish military, he is sent as part of a small company to the frontlines in a means to appease the Alliance and for Turkey to continue receiving assistance from England and the Allies. With his future sight, Sasha foresaw where he needed to be to survive and often led his company to success, rising through ranks to Captain. He struggled with the constant killing and death, but could mitigate the worst and soothe the minds of the weary soldiers at war.
  • 1945 - Sasha saw the war was coming to an end but found himself troubled with the state of destruction and his own headspace, showing signs of depression and closeted alcoholism. A couple of days before the end of the war, he once again created a fake body and new identity, saw the fake shot through the head in one of the last advances of the war. Captain Sasha "Ölümsüz" Chorney finally rested, the fake body carried home by the squad he had watched for the years.
  • 1945 - Mal emerges as Harry Beckett, taking a job with the police. There is constant work with the broken population and world, but still good to be done.
  • 1962 - Mal ends the story of Harry Beckett as he doesn't age appropriately. Another fake body later and Mal is moving with the mobile goblin markets as a nameless seer.
  • 19


  • Tba


Known Sire[edit]

Sired by Brandon, mekhet Chicago(?), current whereabouts unknown. Brandon is also of unknown age. Lee does know he was fairly old, and that she was able to control herself much much faster than average new vampires usually can.

Known Siblings/childe[edit]

  • is unaware if her human parents had any other children, or if her sire has fathered any other vampires. Does not believe either to be the case, but has no proof one way or another.
  • sired Damien.

Known Other[edit]

  • Decuma Suditsky - has called her sister, but also stated they aren't from the same sire, or biological parentage. Russian Nos.
  • Eldest - Russian, Decuma's probable sire. Lee has called her sister, but also stated they aren't from the same sire, or biological parentage.



Quotes By[edit]

  • "For the love of the gods, did anyone try, I don't know, ringing the damn doorbell? I swear, you all make everything infinitely more complicated."
  • "And here I thought I was going to be the reason we all got stuck wearing uniforms..... Lucien, PANTS!"

Quotes About[edit]

  • Caligua, eyes Billy. "Lost a fight with a freight train, did we?"

"A very small and very focused train yes sir," he says diffidently....

  • "Rather personable for a Russian mobster, hardly ever murders anyone I know." -Bowman
  • After a conversation that insinuated that most vampires don't bite people's necks anymore, and that Lee is much older than she lets on, this conversation occurred.

"As I said, some traditionalists still do so. Lee is one such..." (Hans) "Are you kidding? Every other word she says is 'fuck'." (Someone in the voice meeting) "Yes, because she's grasping at what modern slang she has available to her. But watch when she gets truly flustered, and it all comes bubbling out in a hopelessly mixed morass. 'I bite my thumb at thee! Curr! Vile motherfucker! Hasta la vista, daddy-o!" (Hans) (incoherent laughter) (everyone) "But the rest of us? We're civilized. After all, we have to live beside the mortals; can you imagine that if they were still our food? And look at what they eat. My god, would you truly like to dine on that? No, we do just fine on substitutes. Near Blood, Blood Beaters... you can't tell the difference." (Hans)


Lee makes a decidedly childish gesture at his back, but carefully gets up and follows. Bowman, "I saw that."


  • Odd scars on her back, rumor has they are were bites and scratches, and that she killed the one that gave them to her.
  • carries odd old coin(s), martin on one side, and faded words on the other.
  • Some say she has a Family name, Likho
  • Secretly cares about her employees
  • Is a terrible cook


  • Cruxshadows, The Seraphs

My body's made of fire; black and deep and cold; burning for the choice i made so many years ago; And love will keep me tethered; for my wings are stripped of flight; but into my mad deluded world; they cross the battle lines


OOC Information[edit]

Member Information
Player: Paul
Number: AU2012040011
Domain: STL