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The Protectorate VSS

The Kindred[edit]

Requiem CofD skull 70x70.png

Name Covenant Clan House Clan Status Covenant Status City Status City Position Player Live/Discord
Agatha Krizpe Invictus Ventrue 2 2 1 Keeper of Elysium Jekca Totten
Eurihilde Ordo Dracul Mekhet 1 1 1 Dawn Gott

Vampire NPCs[edit]

Name Covenant Clan House Clan Status Covenant Status City Status City Position
Dmitri Ivanov Invictus Ventrue 4 4 5 Prince
Garpur Kaspersson Invictus Nosferatu 3 2 4 Seneschal
Heyden Manning Invictus Mekhet 3 3 4 Sheriff
Eve Ward Invictus Gangrel 2 3 3 Hound
Tinus Scholtz Invictus Daeva 3 3 4 Harpy
Father Carsten Lancea et Sanctum Nosferatu 3 2 4 Court Confessor

The Forsaken[edit]

Forsaken CofD skull 70x70.png

Name Tribe Auspice Lodge Pack Player Live/Discord
Agnessa Aeslinn Iron Masters Elodoth None Black Bear Jekca Totten
Casey Saunders Ghost Wolves Ithaeur None Black Bear Dawn Gott
Eric Frei Bone Shadows Elodoth None Black Bear Blake Frankenbach

The Awakened[edit]

Awakening CofD skull 70x70.png

Name Path Order Legacy Cabal Order Status Consilium Status Player Live/Discord
Marcus Obrimos Mysterium None None 1 0 Rodney Gott On Book Tour
Opal Blue Acanthus Free Council None None 1 0 Khris Webb On Walkabout

The Primordial[edit]

Primordial CofD skull 70x70.png

Beast NPCs[edit]

Name Family Hunger
Elle D Ugallu Collectors

The Mortal[edit]

File:Cross Genre skull 70x70.png

Mortal NPCs[edit]

Name Affiliation Important Information
Josh Devereaux Unidentified paramilitary organization with a major presence in Columbia Lead Agent
Greta Angeline Unidentified paramilitary organization with a major presence in Columbia Agent

Key Locations[edit]

Domain Map


Since before the founding of the City of Columbia in 1821, the area has been a meeting place and waystation for the supernatural. Never hosting a particularly large population of any one type of being, those that have called Columbia home have learned to work with the strangest of bedfellows to ensure safety and civility among the supernatural community. Those that have held to themselves have often faced some odd hardship or another, such as the Scourge that hounded Kindred leadership for nearly twenty years: starting with the mysterious final death of a long-standing Prince in 1998, the Kindred of the city found than any claiming Praxis in the mid-Missouri area would shortly thereafter be destroyed in some oddly coincidentally manner. In 2016 the matter became even more dire for the vampires: any Kindred committing an act of violence would spontaneously combust. While the immediate source of the problem, a mortal with a severe case of fire spirit-itis, was dealt with, the pattern of the area remains.

Shortly after the incident with the Kindred was resolved, a creature by the name of Elle, presenting herself as a country mother with a young daughter, made introductions among the various supernatural individuals of the city, suggesting that survival was the better part of cooperation - most especially as the spontaneously combusting Kindred has attracted mortal attention and a paramilitary organization had moved into Columbia proper to investigate the supernatural community there. Cooperation was needed in such trying times, and a true community - a protectorate of sorts - was born. At first Elle's home in Boonville became a monthly gathering place for the community to swap stories, discuss problems, and pool resources. As the group became more comfortable with one another, Elle retreated quietly and Casey, a young werewolf, provided a magically shielded coffee shop in downtown Columbia called Neutral Grounds as a more convenient option that would be accessible any day of the week, not just once a month.

While individuals moved against these mortal hunters, a different threat began hunting the dreams of anyone touched by the supernatural. For months, the community was chased and stalked within their dreams, leaving them fatigued and tense. Into this atmosphere of fear and exhaustion stepped the fully formed Court of Prince Dmitri Ivanov, sent from Kansas City to claim praxis in Columbia and stem the influence along the I-70 corridor of St. Louis its "Night Congress". With help from allies from St. Louis, those of the Neutral Grounds protectorate managed to kill the abyssal spirit When You Die In Dreams, freeing themselves, the hunters, and the new Kindred court from the nightmares it inflicted. The mortal world as well, for those bothering to keep track.

Now, all three groups have the time and energy to turn upon one another. Welcome to the protectorate.