Miles Hippe

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Miles Hippe
Concept: Concept
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Carthian Movement ••
City: City
Title: Title
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Pure Clan or Bloodline Name or Unknown
Group: Lineage/House/Coterie
Embraced: april of 2018
Player: Player
Storyteller: City VST

Personal Information[edit]


Miles stand 6 foot at 200 lbs and is usually wearing casual clothes unless he job demands he wear something higher end. His skin has just started to pale from lack of sunlight and has short blond hair that he tends to forget to comb.


Miles is recently turned and it wasn't by choice. Because of this he often asks questions about vampires and there ways and still has ties to his mortal life. He tends to shy away from people prefering to stay back and watch people to learn as much as he can before he acts.

Mortal World[edit]

Miles impact on the mortal world was small before his embrace. He studied wanting to eventually become an FBI agent and worked as a bail bondsman along with his assistant and at the time fiance Katrina.

Information Known by Kindred Society[edit]

Little as he's recently turned.


2018- was changed after a murderer that jumped bail got the better of him and thought it would be more torture to change him then kill him.

Recent History[edit]



Known Sire[edit]

Douglas Forbound. All Miles knows about him is that he's wanted for a string of murders along the river. Anything else was omitted from the bounty.

Known Siblings[edit]

Miles has a younger brother and older sister but hasn't spoken to either of them since he left home.

Known Childer[edit]


Known Grand-childer[edit]



Quotes By[edit]


- reference.

Quotes About[edit]


- who said it.



  • He'll track down anyone for the right price.

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

OOC Information[edit]

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