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VSS: St. Louis by Night

The Night Congress[edit]

The ruling council of the supernatural of St. Louis, the Night Congress exists in a bargain with the City Spirit. In recent nights, the Congress was reforged, albeit for now incomplete.

The Kindred[edit]

Requiem CofD skull 70x70.png

  • Lex St. Louis: The laws of the Commonwealth of St. Louis.
  • Ascendant Covenant:
  • Eminent Clan: Mekhet

Members of the Court[edit]

Character Covenant Clan House Covenant Status Clan Status Court-City Status Discord/IRL Play Player

Anya Brooks Circle of the Crone Mekhet 1 3 3 Both Lindsey Smith
Decuma Suditsky Circle of the Crone Nosferatu 5 3 1 Both NPC
Diablo Lancea et Sanctum Nosferatu 3 3 3 Discord Alex MacKenzie
Dolores Abernathy Unaligned Nosferatu 0 1 1 Discord Elyn
Miles Hippe Carthian Movement Mekhet 1 1 1 Both Richard Hippe
Tristan d’Argent Invictus Daeva 1 2 4 Both NPC
Lee Pogreka Circle of the Crone Mekhet 1 3 4 Both Jekca Totten
Vlastislav Radev Ordo Dracul Daeva 2 2 1 Both James Manning

The Forsaken[edit]

Forsaken CofD skull 70x70.png

Character Tribe Auspice Lodge Pack Discord/IRL Play Player
Ashi Mori Storm Lords Cahalith none House Minamoto Both Jekca Totten
Ahiru Drosselmeyer Bone Shadows Elodoth none House Minamoto Live Annie Ray
Little Wolf Storm Lords Cahalith none House Minamoto Both Joe Smirl
Patrick Ghost Wolf Rahu none none Discord Tonitrus
Shaper Iron Masters Elodoth Lodge of Wires The GromStrang Fellowship Both Jeff Easterwood
Takeshi Blood Talons Rahu Lodge of Garm House Minamoto Discord Alex Blaes
Jessica Thorton Hunter in Darkness Irraka none none Both Elyn Fritz-Waters

The Awakened[edit]

Awakening CofD skull 70x70.png

Character Path Order Legacy Cabal Order Status Consilium Status Discord/IRL Play Player
Bowman Mastigos Mysterium None LUPERCAL ULTIMATUM 3 3 Both Alex Blaes
Wolf Obrimos Mysterium None LUPERCAL ULTIMATUM 1 4 Both Alex Seago
Mordin Moros Mysterium None LUPERCAL ULTIMATUM 1 2 Both Rick
Gadget Moros Free Council none none 1 1 Both Lindsey Smith
Plague Moros Free Council none Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll 3 0 Both James Manning
Darth Rive Obrimos Adamantine Arrow None Sith Lords 1 1 Both Diana Engelhardt
Stacy Oir Moros Mysterium None LUPERCAL ULTIMATUM 1 1 Both Jekca Totten
Emily Bradshaw Mastigos Mysterium None LUPERCAL ULTIMATUM 1 1 N/A NPC
Sylos Thyrsus Mysterium None None 1 1 Both Richard Hippe
Hakuzosu Thyrsus None None None 1 0 Both Elyn Fritz-Waters
Hyperion Obrimos Silver Ladder None None 1 1 Both Jeff Easterwood

The Primordial[edit]

Primordial CofD skull 70x70.png

Character Family Hunger Brood Discord/IRL Play Player
Harvey Ferguson Eshmaki Nemeses None Both Brad Garrett
Victoria Stone Ugallu Collectors Stone Family Both Cyn Ostuni
Jacqueline Stone Eshmaki Collectors Stone Family Discord Alex MacKenzie
Madeline Inguma Nemeses None Both Erica Enloe

The Unchained[edit]

Descent CofD skull 70x70.png

Character Incarnation Agenda Ring Aliases Discord/IRL Play Player

The Lost[edit]

Character Seeming Kith Court Discord/IRL Play Player
Alex Lawson Fairest Notary Autumn Both Kyle Blaes
Ali Lucas Fairest Gristlegrinder Summer Both Lindsey Smith
Mal Fairest Hunterheart Autumn Discord Paul Taylor

The Created[edit]

Created CofD skull 70x70.png

Character Lineage Refinement Throng Discord/IRL Play Player
Ash Frankensteins Ferrum None Both Alex Seago

The Guests (aka approved visiting characters)[edit]

Character Supernatural Type Discord/IRL play City Status Home Domain Player
Eric Frei Werewolf Both 0 Mid-Mo Blake Frankenbach

The Others[edit]

  • Some of these are sworn under a Voice, but don't fit the main classes (aka some humans and some humanoid). Some of these are just in town. Also with notes on if they are aware of supnats or not.
Character Supernatural Type Discord/IRL play City Status Sworn under Void Player
Bandit Human-aware-ish Both 1 yes James Manning
Teagan Smith Human? Discord 1 yes TBD

Key Locations[edit]

The Hotel St. Jude: Main gathering place for the various supernatural creatures of St. Louis (Now defunct).

The Gateway Arch: Sacred ground to the Forsaken and to a major spirit in the city.

Boire: Mixed race Rave, club with live music and dancing, a full bar, and a kitchen that serves most supernaturals and normals.

C.o.t.C: Known only to vampires, Circle of the Crone headquarters.

Hoax: Vintage Nerd's Dream, vintage arcades, curiosities, room for table top gamers to game, small community theatre space, and an old style soda/ice cream shop.

Nouveau Noir: Locally owned paint and sip located in the side building of the C.o.t.C.

Local resources[edit]

  • GSA Inc. Global Sunset Airlines, private company that flies into Lambert International Airport, caters to Vampires and other supnats only.


Retired or Unknown Status PCs[edit]