Stacy Oir

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Stacy Oir
Concept: caterpillar potions witch
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Consilium: St. Louis
Legacy none
Player: Jekca
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information[edit]

Stacy Oir


Lots of tats which have lots of occult symbols, with hints of destiny, fate, and the fluidity of creation, along with an apparent obsession with dragons. Died hair a color of purple red that is not normal in nature. A tad on the tall side, with long slender hands. Green eyes.

Mortal World[edit]

  • Was an assistant Bartender at Boire. Recently quit to go back to college. Rides a motorcycle, during as many months as that mode of transportation is possible. Is multilingual, speaking more languages than she admits.

Night Congress World[edit]

  • Known to be a mage.


  • Immediate: greenygold dragonish scales swirling around in a dizzying pattern, looping in on themself, every now and then large golden eyes blinking
  • Signature: Focus in and you will feel dizzy and feel like you are being judged for an eternity in a moment


  • Quick witted, with a quiet but solid sense of humor.
  • Reading all sorts of things from stuff with elves, to Plato.
  • Old books
  • Bad country music
  • Real maple syrup
  • Dragons
  • Good coffee
  • Novelty songs, esp those written by Moe Jaffe
  • Preservatives in food
  • Artificial maple syrup
  • Making things, like drinks, or foods....
  • Chemistry, conversion, science
  • She's engaged to Wolf, which makes her incredibly kidnappable
  • Some of her family, especially the Patriarch
  • Reading
  • Country Line dancing
Information Known by Awakened Society[edit]
  • “Oroboros”
  • Moros, though leans matter not death.
  • her tatts have meaning, if only to her, but in things they would recognize, or understand in part.


  • JUL 17 - Starts working at Boire
  • AUG 17 - Works 6 odd nights a week at Boire
  • SEP 17 - Seen out in the company of several from the Tower Grove pack including Delia, with Billy, Mystie, Wolf, and Simon the hotel's restaurant manager.
  • OCT 17 - Seen leaving under her own power with Bowman, and informed Lee she was taking a leave of absence.
  • NOV-JAN 2018 - Still under the radar
  • FEB 18 - Back at work at Boire, moved to ICU investiations, living with Wolf.
  • JUN 18 - Kidnapped on her way to work, reason still unknown. Was recovered by Wolf safely.
  • JUL 18 - Engaged to Wolf, quits Boire.
  • AUG 18 - starts college
  • OCT 18 - Wedding
  • NOV 18 - Joins the Mysterium, sponsored by Wolf.


Quotes By[edit]

  • "Giggity," said after getting a delivery of something small in a box.

Quotes About[edit]

"Quote" - reference


  • Simon: "Oh, who are some of your favorite authors?"
    • Stacy: Would you judge me if I said Stephenie Meyer?" she says deadpan, but after a moment chuckled and then quoted, “"Let worthy minds ne'er stagger in distrust, To suffer death or shame for what is just'....Eddison, Browne, Plato, Jung....Tolkien..I tend to read a lot."


  • Has never had homemade apple pie.
  • Likes country music and line dancing.
  • family business was a small elite group of.... researchers and oddities, religions, and varied occult items, materials, and knowledge.

Inspirations and Soundtrack[edit]

  • Imagine Dragons - Demons

OOC Information[edit]

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